How to Register a New Company Name in India?

How to Register a New Company Name in India

Call Our Incorporation Experts at FilingPoint.Com +91 72999 72500. Are you searching for information on how to register a new company name in India? If your answer is yes, then read on. The registration process is mandatory for all businesses regardless of their size. There are many reasons that make the registration process mandatory and all the listed reasons are valid. First of all, it is for the benefit of the investors to protect their interest and their money in the long run.

Government Policies to register a Name

Secondly, the government policy and the legal norms are such that a registered Private Limited Company is more likely to survive the storm in the market than an unregistered company. It is because the registered companies in India have to disclose details about their income and assets. This disclosure is a precondition for the creditors to provide financial assistance to the companies. Also, the registered companies enjoy more reliability in the market than the unregistered ones because the registered companies are required to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the government.

However, if you are new to the business scene or you are still starting your own business, then you need to know how to register a company in India so that your company name will remain protected even if the economic conditions in India may change. The first step you need to undertake for this purpose is to get in touch with Leading business consultants in India like FilingPoint. A professional business consultant will help you in finding out the formalities involved in the process of registration. The registration of the company name in India can take up to 15 days depending upon the formalities and also the type of business you are doing.

Easy Steps for Company Name Approval Process in India

The process of how to register a company name in India starts from the submission of the name of the company. When you submit the name of the company, you have to include the complete name including all variations such as the abbreviated form of the name, the spelling of the name, etc. You need to keep one copy of the document along with the original copy and send them to the concerned authority. In the meanwhile, the concerned authority will contact you and will ask you to go through the documents. Once you are satisfied with the documents you will have to submit the documents to the registrar.

There are three ways on how to register a company name in India as follows

  • First, you can contact the office of the Registrar of Companies directly. If you have any problem related to the registration of the company name, the people there would be glad to assist you.
  • The second way is to approach any good know agency which deals in the registration of the registered company’s name. The agencies are available in major cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.
  • And thirdly, the most preferred way to get the company’s name registered in India is to approach the private companies that deal with these matters on a long-term basis.

Contact Business Setup Experts in India

The procedure to how to register a company name in India is not so time-consuming and boring. However, it does need a lot of hard work and perseverance on your part. There are certain things you need to do in order to successfully get the Registered Company’s Name of your choice registered in India.

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Smart Guide to Company Name Check Online

Many clients are asking us do I need to verify entity name before registering / incorporating my company. Our Answer is Yes. We have to check the company name to find existing company details, if any in the same name. And we have to check registered trademarks to avoid future litigation.

Registering a Company Name is an easy process if you find company registration consultants like us. We help you from verifying name availability to company incorporation. We also help you for post incorporation services for a private limited company / One Person Company ( OPC )/ Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ) .

Three Easy Steps for Name Check Online

  1. Checking Name at MCA . Gov. In
  2. Verifying Existing Registered Trademark
  3. Check other types of companies like LLP

Check Company Name Availability | Company Name Approval

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Company Name Suggestions of a Pvt Ltd is like a guide or google who helps us when we need help. Google Search will give a list of websites for the keywords. Same way , we provide company name suggestions for registering a private limited company.

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