GST Registration Fees for Proprietorship in India

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Do you know how much GST Consultants or GST Practitioners in India will charge GST Registration Fees For Proprietorship in India? It had become a common question in the recent past along with questions about the importance of GST. However, there are many people who are not aware of the benefits of GST and it is up to them to find out why it is so vital in India today.

One of the main reasons why GST is important in India is that it will help the people get registered under a single registration. They can go through the same procedures for registration as that which they are going to go through for registration of GST in their locality near-by.

The process of acquiring a new identity also becomes easy with GST. This is because it is one of the easiest methods of attaining this and it does not require the approval of the authorities as they have the authority to grant or deny any kind of license. In this manner, one can obtain a new license if required by the government and the whole procedure becomes very easy and simple for the people in India.

Online Registration Fee for GST Number

There are many reasons why people prefer GST as registration fees for proprietorship in India. First of all the fees are extremely affordable and this is because the company is a small firm and that makes it cheaper compared to the larger organizations. This is one of the advantages of this process in India. The fee is affordable and it is also not an expensive process in India. It is cost-effective and hence it becomes a favorite choice among many people. Generally, GST Registration Consultants will charge Rs.1500/- per Registration.

If one is looking forward to obtaining registration of GST in India, then one needs to go through the process of obtaining GST registration. This process is very simple and easy and hence if you are looking forward to getting registered under a single name then this is the best way of achieving it. The reason why it becomes easy and simple for the people to get registered under a single name is that when you register under a single name you have all the rights and responsibilities of the property under one roof. You can avail of all the facilities of the property and that too at discounted rates. This means that the charges are reduced and hence you are able to avail all facilities at the same time.

Importance of GST Number Registration for A Proprietorship

One of the major reasons that make GST a popular choice for many people is that the fees are fixed and hence it is not a costly process. Thus it is one of the cheapest and most cost-effective means of attaining GST Registration in India. Many people in India prefer to go through the process of registering the property with GST because they are assured of getting the best deal and thus they get registered under one name and can enjoy all the benefits of Online GST Registration in India without any hassles and expenses.

There are various types of these services available in the market and you can select the one according to your requirements. This way you can get registered under a single name and enjoy all the benefits at the same time. If you do not wish to spend time on these matters then you can use this option of Business registration in India and get registered with GST.

Online GST Registration Expenses for a Proprietor

GST Registration fees for proprietorship in India can vary from one company to another depending upon the business. However, some companies will charge you higher GST Registration fees for proprietorship in India compared to others. In this case, it would be very advantageous to you if you are aware of the terms and conditions applicable to your business in India. These may be different from one company to another.

If you are planning to start a business from a foreign country then it is always good to know the GST registration fees for proprietorship in India for which you will have to pay some extra charges. This can save you some money if you are not familiar with the rules and regulations in the country.

It would also be a good idea to carry out a survey in the state which deals with the same or similar businesses as yours. This way you will get to know the rates charged by various companies for the same business. This is one of the ways through which you will be able to come to know the different rates applicable for GST Registration fees for proprietorship in India. Always it better to Select an expert in this field to handle your GST Registration for your proprietorship in India near you.

Tips to Understand Your Business Better

This is a very important factor that cannot be ignored when it comes to the GST registration fees for proprietorship in India. You should also understand the rules and regulations related to the taxes, fees, and charges associated with this kind of business. By using GST Consultants, we can avoid irregularities and penalties Later. This can also stop you from being taken advantage of by people trying to take advantage of the situation. the people who are not willing to pay taxes on time.

Most Trusted GST Consultants in India

If you have some doubts regarding the GST registration fees for proprietorship in India then you can hire Leading Professional Auditors in India or Best GST Consultants in India for the purpose. He/she can assist you in all matters relating to this kind of business. This person as an Experienced Consultant will be able to provide you the best possible information regarding the entire process. FilingPoint.Com is one of the Most Trusted GST Consultants in India who provides the Best GST Compliance Services in Chennai, Coimbatore, and other parts of India. We will also be able to give you a list of all the expenses you need to bear and you can use this list to know about the right company to opt for.

If you need to do a search on this kind of business in this particular state then it is always beneficial to know the amount charged by these companies before you start your work. You will be able to come to know the fees charged by a reputed company and the kind of charges involved in the same from the reputed ones. This can help you make a wise decision and will save you from making a mistake that will cost you a lot of money in the future.

Contact the Top GST Advisors Team in India

While planning to start your company either under Ease of Doing Business or as a Startup India Scheme Company or a Proprietorship Company, we are here to support you at all times. We charge nominally and will be there for your assistance.

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GST number search by name is an easy option to validate GST Numbers. We want to help GST Taxpayers to find correct GST numbers of their vendors and file their GST returns right. We care for GST taxpayers.  


Goods and Services Tax Identification Number in short is called as GSTIN. GST Number is your unique GST registration identity for your business. GSTIN is a 15 digit alpha numeric number.


GSTN or GST Number is used to file your GST returns. Your Vendors quote your GST number for the purchases made from you. This creates transparency, reduces tax evasion and manipulation


GSTIN is a 15 digit number with a combination of alphabets and numbers.

EX:   33ACMCP0105M1ZC  ————33   ACMCP0105M   1     Z     C

  • The first 2 digits indicates the state in India . In the above example 33 represents Tamilnadu State code. Similarly if the first 2 digits of GST is 29 then it is GST number of Karnataka state etc.
  • The next 10 characters represent taxpayer’s PAN number. In the above example ACMCP0105M is the PAN of the taxpayer
  • The 13th Digit represents the tax payer registration number with the same PAN
  • The 14th Digit is “Z” by default for all GST numbers or GSTIN. It does not indicate anything in particular presently.
  • The 15th digit is the checksum digit. It can be an alphabet or a number.


Some people quote fake GST numbers and misuse the benefits GST. They may not be able to so for long and fool consumers. When GST returns are filed by vendors such culprits are brought to spotlight.


You can report about fake or illegal GST numbers by sending email to You may also make a call on +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999


You cannot get address of the GST taxpayer through his GST number. However you can derive the State where the GST is registered.


GST number will be valid when you file  GST returns periodically and follow compliances. Else your GST number will be cancelled by the government


Finding GST number of a Company or Individual or others has become very easy.  Every GST number of any business of any state is shared with Central government. 

All you need to do is


—> Select particular State or All states

—> Type Name or PAN of GST taxpayer

—> Tick the box I’m not a robot

—> verify images and confirm if necessary

—> Click on Search.


You can use FREE Online GST Number Verification Tool that are aplenty online. Alternately you can visit and use FREE Online GST Number Verification Tool / GST number search by name. This tool helps you to verify multiple GST numbers at a time. All you need to do is to key in your GST numbers or upload your list of GST numbers. The results will be instantly displayed on the screen.

If the GST number entered is correct a message will be displayed on the screen ‘Valid Checksum’, else you get the message as ‘Invalid Checksum’. With this GST verification tool you can also derive details like

  • Legal Name of Business
  • Trade name     
  • Center Jurisdiction
  • State Jurisdiction
  • Date of registration
  • Constitution of Business
  • Taxpayer Type
  • GSTIN / UIN Status
  • Date of Cancellation
  • Field Visit Conducted?
  • Nature of Business Activities

We understand you still have queries and need clarifications on How to Find the GST Number of a Company By its Name /Pan

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