Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business in India


Looking for a step-by-step guide to starting a business in India? The good news is that starting your own business in India is not as hard as it seems. However, you need to know some important information that will enable you to take full advantage of this wonderful country and make your business a success. Chartered Accountants in India will provide Best Online Company Formation Support Services.

Legal Requirements to Start a Business in India

Before opening up your business, you should first understand the legal requirements and formalities of the country. It is very important to know about these before even considering setting up your own business. The local laws of any country differ from country to country. Therefore, it is important to get hold of the relevant laws of the country in which you plan to set up your business.

Market Research Support in India Before Starting a Business

Once you are done with your research on the legal requirements and formalities to start a business, you can now proceed to make your business more effective. The next important aspect that you should consider is the competition in the business that you intend to open up. You can do this by taking a look at the local market. If the local market is too small, then your chances of making a big mark in the country will be very low. That’s why we provided a Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business in India. This guide will support you to plan your business perfectly.

Business Vendors in India

Another important aspect is the availability of the right kind of equipment that will make your business successful. For this, you can approach a good dealer or supplier who will help you in this area. One way of doing this is by asking around. You can contact the local suppliers and distributors of the products you intend to use for your business and ask them if they would provide you with a list of the products that they sell. If you find a dealer or supplier, do a little research on the products that they sell and check if their services suit your needs. By doing this, you will have an idea of what items you would need.

Latest Updates in India while registering a Company

Once you are done with all these aspects, it is time to start your new business. In order to make your business more effective, you must also keep track of the latest developments in the market. This means that you should keep a tab on the various products, deals, and other activities of different organizations and business houses in the industry before registering a company. This will help you identify opportunities and possible ways through which you can exploit them to your advantage. and make your business grow. The right strategy will also enable you to grow your business easily.

How to Select the Best Business Consultants in India

With all the above factors are taken care of, it is now your turn to make your business a success. You should also ensure that the service you are offering is of high quality and at par with the rest of the other businesses in the same industry. The customers must also be assured of the product that you are offering. Therefore, this is the most important aspect of your business.

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Find Best Corporate Consultants in Chennai

Selecting Corporate Advisors in Chennai Online is an easy option for us. We are one of the Top Management Consultants and Tax Advisors for a decade. We are here to support you at all times.

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Appointment Letter Format

Appointment Letter Format

A letter of appointment or employment letter is a formal letter provided in writing. We use this letter to find a candidate for employment. You can download the Appointment Letter Format instantly without any registration. Letters of the appointment are generally made after the offer letter on the first day of the work starting candidate. The letter of appointment described in detail the offered position, salary, benefits, privacy policy, labor policy, start date, and important information on employment. The candidate would normally receive the letter of appointment on the first day after starting a job. And required to send a signed copy back of acceptance of the letter of appointment.

When the Appointment Letter is Provided?

By definition, a letter of appointment always comes after a letter of offer. In the private sector, the appointment letter usually occurs before the employee starts work. For government jobs, however, a letter of appointment is often given until the new hire has completed a training period with an agency.

How to Create an Joining Letter?

An appointment letter refers to the formal document addressed to the individual to whom the promise or offer of employment being made. Lots of information, discussion, and the facts of the work, responsibilities, start date, hours, and days are provided in the letter. Basically, there are three general types of letters of appointment, namely;

  • Term permanent,
  • temporary, and
  • Continuing appointments.

Download Appointment Letter Format

We help you to download Your Appointment Letter Format without any registration. After all the formalities of the recruitment process have been completed, verified, and selected, the company will issue a letter of appointment for the job. The letter of appointment contains formally put in writing everything else that was discussed at the time of employment. It explains about work and he/she gives a clear idea about the daily work and daily responsibilities expected of him/her.

We are here to support you at all times. FilingPoint.Com is One of the Company Registration Consultants who provide Best Startup Business Formation Services Online in India. We also provide GST / ROC Filings Services in Chennai Tamil Nadu.

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FAQ – Appoint Letter Format

What is the format of an official letter?

Most business letters must include a return address (header or your name and address), date, address inside (recipient’s name and address), a greeting, body paragraphs, and a fence. However, there are several ways to format the information.

What is the purpose of a joining letter?

A joining letter is used as a formal way to confirm a candidate he/she managed to get a position in your organization. If you’re not sure which is the right to join the letter format you should use, you came to the right place.

Is joining letter and appointment letter same?

Appointment Letter is the same as the Joining Offer letter in which is mentioned the profile, salary. Joining letter is written letter back in which the date, time and other details of joining employment are given. letter of appointment is defined as when you want to meet a person that you need to make a written request for it.

What does offer letter contain?

An offer letter is a written form informing a candidate that they have been selected for the job. It is an official letter which often includes the details of employment, start date, benefits and especially the conditions of employment.

What is offer letter means?

Offering letter. Offer letter is a letter given by the company to potential employees who provide key terms of job candidates. You can download the Form Letter of Offer Employees at our blog.

New GST Registration Consultants in Karaikudi


What is GST Registration?

Search and Find New GST Registration Consultants in Karaikudi India Online. By the way, Registration under GST a basic need for a tax system. In fact, This helps to identify taxpayers and ensure compliance as per law. On GST registration, taxpayers will get a unique GST number (GSTN). Every person whose add turnover exceeds threshold limits has to register himself under GST. Persons whose total turnover does not cross threshold limits can also register under GST. Total turnover includes the following

  • Sum of taxable supplies,
  • Exempt supplies,
  • Export supplies,
  • Interstate supplies but excludes taxes.

Every person applying for GST should have a valid PAN. GSTN will be on the basis of PAN.

GST Registration in Karaikudi India | Top GST Consultants

Process for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

The GST Registration process is a long process. This involves the submission of many business documents. On the other hand, You can call us for end to end to register the GST, filing and other GST related works. In any case, Our dedicated GST team will be coordinating with you for your  GST solutions.

Who needs GST Registration in Karaikudi

It is mandatory to register for GST and have a GSTIN if:

  • Your annual turnover is above the threshold limit notified by the government.
  • Casual Taxable person -supplier of goods and services in exhibition stalls, trade fair, etc.,
  • Interstate sellers/Service providers
  • Non-Resident Person
  • Persons paying tax under the Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Agents of Supplier and Input Service Distributor
  • E-commerce business owners
  • Exporters of Goods/Services
  • Vendors of E-commerce portals

If you fall into the above list, GST registration is mandatory. If not falling under the above category in the same fashion, you can do GST registration voluntarily for the need of your suppliers/e-commerce operators. Above all, You can approach Our New GST Registration Consultants in Karaikudi for end-to-end GST registration solutions.

Documents required for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

Following documents for processing GST registration application is required.

  • PAN Card of business
  • PAN card of proprietor/partner/director
  • Aadhar Card of proprietor/partner/director
  • Passport size photo of proprietor/partner/Director
  • Address proof for principal place of business which includes Electricity bill/Municipal tax receipt/Legal ownership document
  • Cancelled bank cheque leaf
  • Partnership deed in case of firms
  • Incorporation Certificate in case of companies
  • Authorization letter from partners/ Copy of resolution from directors
  • Digital Signature in case of companies

Where to apply for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

You can reach out to us to apply for GST registration. Our dedicated team members will support you by clarifying your doubts and help you to get GSTN within short span of time.

Online for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

GST registration can be fully done through online process. You can send all scanned documents to our email-id. No need of physical visit to our office is required for GST Registration. We facilitate with fully online process to support you even during lock-down situations. Stay home and get GST online with our GST experts.

Online for GST Registration in Karaikudi: | Leading GST Consultants in India

Benefits of GST registration:

  • Take Input Credit -You can take input credit on your suppliers bill. Utilize the input credit taken against your output tax liability.
  • Easy process for Inter-state sales-Inter state sales require e-way bill to generate and with GSTN you can easily generate e-way bill.
  • To register on e-commerce websites- Even your sales is less then threshold limit , you may need GST registration for selling through E-commerce websites.
  • Legally authorized as supplier of goods and services – With GST registration, you are authorized to collect taxes for supply of goods and services.
  • Avail all benefits under GST law – With GSTN, you receive all privileges and tax concessions under GST.

Role of Auditor in GST Registration:

GST Audit is required if your turnover is above limits specified by Government. It is always advisable to take auditors support from GST registration process. This will help you to have hassle free GSTN registration and return filing process. You can get  auditor  advice from us  for all your GST problems.The role of auditors in Karaikudi is very much essential for GST Audit.

The auditor clarifies the new law which has a lot of sections, amendments, and notifications. We will be explaining to you the law as applicable to your business. We also provide auditor opinion on your issues and varied circumstances on GST applicability and availing GST input credit. As New GST Registration Consultants in Karaikudi, We also assist in updating MIS reports with elements relating to GST like tax payments, interest, penalties, and input credit available.

Types of GST Registration in Karaikudi:

Under GST Act, there are various types of GST registration. You need to have an idea about various registration before choosing your type of registration.

Normal Taxpayer: Many taxpayers fall under this category.NO GST tax liability is paid in advance.

Casual taxable Person: Businesses set up only for seasonal period falls under this category. Expected GST amount is paid as advance amount. Period of GST registration is for shorter period and it can be extended or renewed.

Composition Taxable Person: Tax payers pay tax at lower rate and no input tax credit can be availed. This composition scheme applies to businesses with MSME businesses

Non-Resident Taxable Person: If  taxpayers  live outside India and supply goods to individuals in India, he falls under this category.

Our GST experts help you to identify the correct type of registration for your businesses.

Get Expert help for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

GST being new tax law coming with lot of amendments every now and then. It is always good to approach auditors in Karaikudi to get an expert opinion on all GST problems. You need GST expert in Karaikudi to understand your eligibility criteria and type of GST registration application. However, GST registration with our expert help make you easy to comply with GST law requirements. We have worked with a variety of clients, start-ups, small & medium enterprises, Corporate and Multi-national Companies. Our expertise , exposure and relationship with tax officials would assist you in getting the quality work in quick time.

Professional Fee for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

In reality, We offer GST registration with GST Expert Consultation and advice in quick turnaround time at a very cheaper price in Karaikudi. Our Team can assist you in filing all types of GST returns, appeals, tax litigation, tax disputes, and refunds too at an attractive price at the same time. GST Practitioners represent on your behalf to tax officers in contrast.

Certificate for GST Registration in Karaikudi

On GST registration, the GST department issues a GST certificate, which act as your business identity proof too uniquely. You also receive a unique registration number GSTN. It helps your supplier to identify your credibility which also brings new businesses.

Due date for GST Registration in Karaikudi

If GST registration is a must for you, you need to register it as soon as possible. Furthermore, There are many GST returns for each type of GST taxpayers with multiple due dates too. By the same token, We can assist you in providing a complete GST solution package for your businesses. Indeed, They are as follows,

  1. Registration
  2. Return filing
  3. Audit
  4. Other related works

Here a New GST Registration Consultants in Karaikudi will help you on all the above services.

Penalties for GST Registration in Karaikudi:

Check at who has to register GST registration and approach us for the GST registration process in the first place. If you are liable to register under GST and not registered, you will be liable to a fine up to 100% of the tax amount as a matter of fact. Check the eligibility criteria and approach us to avoid huge penalties in like manner.

Firstly, Approach us for all your GST issues. In the same way, our dedicated team support you to solve your issues Lets be complied with GST laws and procedures and avoid huge penalties. Likewise, We help you to get a GST certificate and GSTN in a short span of time.

Professional Fee for GST Registration in Karaikudi India

Finally, FilingPoint.Com is one of the Best GST Consultants in India Online for your Startup Company. We also provide Perfect Company Registration, ROC Annual Filing Services, and TDS Filing.

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Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi


We are one of the best company registration consultants Online in Karaikudi.Select Best Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi.
Karaikudi is very famous for non resident Indians and foreign citizens. But Many of the natives have migrated to foreign countries due to job or better environment.

Consultants for Company Formation

Now they want to start a company in Karaikudi from Singapore, US , Malaysia, London and other countries. We provide best property advisory services in Karaikudi, investment advisory services in Karaikudi and business registrations in Karaikudi. It helps entrepreneurs to start a business in their native place.

Best Auditors for Business Registration

Find your Best Auditors for Business Registration in Karaikudi. We are one of the Top Business Formation Advisors in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Karaikudi is a place where majority have migrated to abroad. Now they want to invest in Karaikudi and start a Private Limited Startup Company Online.

Contact Business Formation Auditors

Contacting Experienced Company Formation Consultants in Karaikudi is very easy now. We complete Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi immediately.

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Is ROC Annual Filing Mandatory for a Private Limited Company?

Is ROC Annual Filing Mandatory for a Private Limited Company-FilingPoint

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Do you know is ROC Annual Filing Mandatory for a Private Limited Company?. Answer is Yes. It is of the mandatory compliance for a Pvt Ltd Company and One of the major point in Compliance Checklist.

What is ROC Annual Filing?

ROC Annual Filing is a yearly compliance for all private limited companies. FilingPoint.Com specializes ROC Filings and Compliance for a Private Limited Companies. Pvt Ltd has to file ROC eforms Online every year. Now we are going to discuss about eforms and Process.

Why ROC filing is required?

When you are filing your Income Tax Return with the Income Tax Department, the same way we have to file ROC returns with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) with whom the company is registered under the Companies Act, 2013. It is mandatory to file the ROC forms, returns and documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). It will help the Registrar of Companies and Government will understand how to company is working during the financial year in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013.

Mandatory ROC Annual Filings for a Private Limited

Annual Filings for a Private Limited Company is a mandatory process. FilingPoint.Com helps the companies to comply all regulations on time. As we have to file the following forms, our consultants will help you to prepare and file your ROC Annual Returns for your Private Limited Company.

ROC Forms

Form MGT-7: Filing of Annual Return with MCA which contains details about directors and shareholders. This form is to be filed within 60 days from the date of Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Form AOC-4: Filing of financial statements which contains the profit and loss account, balance sheet and director’s report. This form is to be filed within 30 days from the date of AGM.

Form ADT-1: Appointment of Auditor, Confirmation letter from the company. The company has to file this form within 15 days from the conclusion of AGM.

Documents Required for ROC Annual Filings

The other returns and documents includes minutes, notices, board meetings, list of shareholders, other certifications and updating the Statutory Register.

ROC Filing Process

ROC Annual Filing Process is a easy way to file your annual returns online along with financials. We are here to file your annual eforms for your private limited company. FilingPoint.Com is experienced filing services provider who is a Best ROC Annual Filing Consultants.

ROC Filings Due Date

Adhering to the law saves the company from the penal provisions and prosecution. Due Date for conducting AGM is 30th Sep.

We hope you got answer for Is ROC Annual Filing Mandatory for a Private Limited Company.

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

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What are the Top 10 Main Benefits of Udyam Registration / Udyog Aadhar?

Top 10 Main Benefits of Udyam Registration-MSME-Company-Udyog-Aadhaar-SSI-Company-Filingpoint

Top 10 Main Benefits of Udyog Aadhar / Udyam Registration

Do you want to know Top 10 benefits of MSME/Udyog Aadhar/Udyam Registration? If yes, then you should check out stated below benefits.

  1. Easy Collateral Free Bank Loan upto 1 Crore
  2. Special Preference in Applying for Government Tenders
  3. 1 Percent Waiver on interest rate on Bank Over Draft (OD)
  4. Concession in Electricity Bills
  5. Protection against the delay in payment from Customers
  6. Tax Rebates
  7. Special 50 percent discount on Government fees for Trademark and Patent
  8. Fast Resolution of Disputes
  9. Some Other Benefits
  10. The business owner will get protection against delay in Payment.

Top 10 Main Benefits are as follows:

Collateral free loans

You can also avail collateral free loans from the bank.

Claim charges

Claim stamp duty and registration charges which reduces the cost of acquisition.

Rate of interest

Rate of interest from the banks can be reduced.

Concession in electricity

The business owner who opts for Udyog Aadhar / Udyam Registration can get a concession on Electricity bills.

Interest on OD

Exemption of 1% interest on Overdraft. It reduces your interest and EMI Burden.


Can avail subsidy from NSIC and credit ratings & Eligible for IPS subsidy.


Reimbursement on the payment made for obtaining the ISO certificate.

Reservation advantages

Reservation of products for exclusive manufacturing by MSME and SSI.

Government tenders

Avail exemption while applying for government tenders.

Direct Tax Exemption

Exemption under direct tax laws.

Bank mortgage

Enjoy easy bank mortgage.

International Business Opportunities

Can become a part of International business fairs and create business opportunities abroad.

Benefits for States and Union territories

States and Union territories have their own package of facilities and incentives for small scale.


We hope you have enjoyed Top 10 Main Benefits of Udyam Registration Article.

You can read our article in Medium Udyam Registration at Medium

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Check Company Name Availability


ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Smart Guide to Company Name Check Online

Many clients are asking us do I need to verify entity name before registering / incorporating my company. Our Answer is Yes. We have to check the company name to find existing company details, if any in the same name. And we have to check registered trademarks to avoid future litigation.

Registering a Company Name is an easy process if you find company registration consultants like us. We help you from verifying name availability to company incorporation. We also help you for post incorporation services for a private limited company / One Person Company ( OPC )/ Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ) .

Three Easy Steps for Name Check Online

  1. Checking Name at MCA . Gov. In
  2. Verifying Existing Registered Trademark
  3. Check other types of companies like LLP

Check Company Name Availability | Company Name Approval

Call 72999-72500 for Check Company Name Availability

Other Services are as follows:

New Company Name Search

Searching a Better Name for a New Private Limited Company is not an easy job. Find a Best Consultant for Company Incorporation. They will take care of your Incorporation needs.

Check Company Registration Status

Unless You check name availability, you can find is there any existing company or not. So it is better to find a company registration status of an existing company before starting a LLP / OPC / Private Limited Registration.

Pvt Ltd Company Name Suggestions

Company Name Suggestions of a Pvt Ltd is like a guide or google who helps us when we need help. Google Search will give a list of websites for the keywords. Same way , we provide company name suggestions for registering a private limited company.

Company Directors Details MCA

Ministry of Corporate Affairs [ MCA ] provides Best Search Utility to Get Company Director Details and Company Master Data Online.

Filingpoint Name Search

FilingPoint Team is one of the best company registration consultants who provides business setup services online They help you from Searching a Company Name to Incorporation of Your company.

Company Name Formation Checking

While forming a company, checking of a company name is an important process. It is a part of company registration checklist. We advice you NOT to infringe any intellectual property or dont select existing company name.

Company Name Registration

It is the first step of a Company Registration in Chennai. We Provide Company Name Registration Services in Chennai along with Private Limited Registration Services.

New Business Name Search

Many Entrepreneurs will ask us how to search new business name. We suggest you to visit our book mark page . It will give you the URL where you have to search and find Company Name Availability Online.

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Company Name Search Online
Check New Company Name
How do I check to see if my business name is available
How can I check availability of Pvt Ltd company
Where can I find company information
How do I find a company name
How do I check if a name is copyrighted
How can I start a private limited company
Auditors Advise for a Best Company Name

FilingPoint.Com / 72999-72500 for Name and Company Registration

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-