Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business in India


Looking for a step-by-step guide to starting a business in India? The good news is that starting your own business in India is not as hard as it seems. However, you need to know some important information that will enable you to take full advantage of this wonderful country and make your business a success. Chartered Accountants in India will provide Best Online Company Formation Support Services.

Legal Requirements to Start a Business in India

Before opening up your business, you should first understand the legal requirements and formalities of the country. It is very important to know about these before even considering setting up your own business. The local laws of any country differ from country to country. Therefore, it is important to get hold of the relevant laws of the country in which you plan to set up your business.

Market Research Support in India Before Starting a Business

Once you are done with your research on the legal requirements and formalities to start a business, you can now proceed to make your business more effective. The next important aspect that you should consider is the competition in the business that you intend to open up. You can do this by taking a look at the local market. If the local market is too small, then your chances of making a big mark in the country will be very low. That’s why we provided a Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business in India. This guide will support you to plan your business perfectly.

Business Vendors in India

Another important aspect is the availability of the right kind of equipment that will make your business successful. For this, you can approach a good dealer or supplier who will help you in this area. One way of doing this is by asking around. You can contact the local suppliers and distributors of the products you intend to use for your business and ask them if they would provide you with a list of the products that they sell. If you find a dealer or supplier, do a little research on the products that they sell and check if their services suit your needs. By doing this, you will have an idea of what items you would need.

Latest Updates in India while registering a Company

Once you are done with all these aspects, it is time to start your new business. In order to make your business more effective, you must also keep track of the latest developments in the market. This means that you should keep a tab on the various products, deals, and other activities of different organizations and business houses in the industry before registering a company. This will help you identify opportunities and possible ways through which you can exploit them to your advantage. and make your business grow. The right strategy will also enable you to grow your business easily.

How to Select the Best Business Consultants in India

With all the above factors are taken care of, it is now your turn to make your business a success. You should also ensure that the service you are offering is of high quality and at par with the rest of the other businesses in the same industry. The customers must also be assured of the product that you are offering. Therefore, this is the most important aspect of your business.

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Find Best Corporate Consultants in Chennai

Selecting Corporate Advisors in Chennai Online is an easy option for us. We are one of the Top Management Consultants and Tax Advisors for a decade. We are here to support you at all times.

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Company Annual Filing Services in India


Get ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Company Annual Filing Services in India are mandatory for all companies under ROC. Company annual filing is a professional task. Your company accountant may be able to handle the same. However, it is the employees and the owners who make the company successful. As such, they need all the help that prepares the Annual Return as well as the financial statements. FilingPoint is Best Rated Corporate Consultants and Advisors in Chennai.

What do you mean by Company Annual Filing

Companies are required to provide this information and records to the Government agencies and the tax authorities within the prescribed time limit. For this purpose, many companies are engaged in outsourcing their annual filings in India. FilingPoint is the country’s top accounting firms and accountants in the business. They have started providing this service through the internet.

When to File Company Annual Filing

The due date of filing annual accounts of a company with ROC is 30 days (Oct 31st) from the date of the annual general meeting. The due date for filing annual returns of a company with ROC is 60 days (Nov 30th)  from the date of the annual general meeting. The annual general meeting should be held within 6 months (Sep 30) from the end of the financial year.

Get ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Role of Auditors / Consultants to file company annual returns online

Auditors or chartered accountants and company secretaries are the authorized professionals to handle company annual filings. Auditor certified financials and digital signatures are essential for online ROC annual return filing for companies and LLPs. Company Annual Filing Services in India is an easy process if you select Best Auditors for filing Company Annual Returns Online.

What are the necessary Details and Documents for Company Annual Filing

  • An income tax return filed details,
  • Digital Signature Of All The Designated directors
  • financial statements – balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and notes on accounts
  • Accounts backup
  • bank statements with transaction description
  • reconciliation statement of TDS, GST, and bank statements
  • balance confirmation from significant parties
  • other details

Penalties for non-filing Company Annual Filing

In case of any delay in submitting company annual returns to ROC, you need to face a hefty penalty. You get charged Rs.100 per day per form from the due date till the actual return filed to date. Avoid unnecessary penalties and file your return on time without errors through FilingPoint, the best rated corporate consultants in Chennai. The company name can be struck off from registers and the director will be disqualified if you do not file your annual returns.

How to file company annual returns online

FilingPoint has started offering this kind of service to their clients through the internet. This saves a lot of time, energy, and money for your company because they can get all their financial records and financial statements from any part of the globe. The process of outsourcing India also enables the company to save on some expenses by not paying the full fee of the firm for every hour of their time for processing and maintaining the financial records.

Our clients from Chennai, Coimbatore, Karaikudi, and other parts of India can access these records through the websites of the firms, which provide all kinds of support and help for the company’s needs.  We are fully equipped with all the necessary accounting records and financial reports that would help the company to assess the current condition and plan the future financial future of the company. FilingPoint.Com offers the same services to the different sectors of the economy. We handle the records and financial reports of all types of businesses irrespective of their size and status.

Get ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Whether compliance with ROC is mandatory for Company

FilingPoint offers the best class Company annual filing services in India. Avail the most reliable support in the entire process of filing returns for the current year. The online service has made it easy for companies to access and submit their annual returns through the internet. The accounting services also provide free online submission of the return and all the paperwork required for it.

The services provided by these firms are beneficial to both the company and the individual shareholders. In India, there are many accountants and firms engaged in this service but not all of them provide the quality services as claimed.

Best Advisors for Company Annual Filing

So it is always better to consult with an accountant and a firm providing filing services in India before opting for any firm. This will ensure a fruitful working relationship between the company and the accountants and ROC Consultants.

However, if you are planning to get help from professionals then it is important that you compare the rates offered by different companies. So that you can avail of the best services at the cheapest rate. If you have no idea about the service providers, then the easiest way to find out about them is to log on to the Internet and find out about their services.

Company Annual Filing Services in India is the most convenient way to file your ROC Annual returns in the shortest possible time. The process of filing Annual returns has become a tedious task for the people who do not have much knowledge about it. In fact, there are many advantages that can be derived from hiring experts. They provide convenience, peace of mind, and assurance of return on investment. Apart, from that, the cost of the service is also a good way of enjoying some good financial benefits.

Easy Online Annual Filing Process

Filing your Annual Returns with the help of such services is very advantageous in the sense that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office. You can easily file the returns online and you will even get the results in a short span of time. There are many other benefits of using online services which include ease of use, speedy processing, and fast return.

To find out about the service provider in India, you should first search for the relevant companies in India in order to get the details regarding their services. The services provided by different companies vary from person to person. Once you find out the right service provider then you need to compare the rates offered by different companies. So that you can avail of the best services at the lowest rates available in the market.

It is not necessary to choose the wrong services if you wish to enjoy all the benefits at the most affordable rates in the shortest span of time, then you need to find out the right online service provider in India. This process will enable you to get the most competitive rates and this can easily be done through the Internet. The service provider can offer you a free consultation with regard to your needs. Then, you can choose one according to the type of work you require.

If you have any doubts while choosing the right service provider then you can simply ask your friends and relatives. This will help you to find out the right provider that suits your requirement.

Fees for Startup Annual Filing

We provide All kinds of Registration, Filings, and Advisory Services. Each and every work will vary based on the work involved. FilingPoint.Com charges based on Fixed Hourly Rate Ranging from INR 1000/- to INR 12000/- per Hour. Generally, we charge Fixed Fee Based on Work Ranging from Rs.3000/- to Rs.30000/- per Work. Furthermore, we are hereby to support you at all times at a Reasonable Cost

Get ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Contact Best Rated Company annual Filing Consultants in Chennai

Get in touch with professional ROC consultants to file company annual returns. FilingPoint provides the best company annual return filing, business registration, and other consulting services. File your company’s annual forms- AOC4 filing, MGT7 filing  & ADT1 filing through smart auditors. Get excellent support in private limited annual return filings. LLP annual return filings. OPC annual return filings.

We are a professional team of auditors, company secretaries, and ROC experts. Our team has years of experience and exposure in filing company annual returns. For on-time and error-free company annual return filing, FilingPoint is the right organization.

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Get ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Company Registration in Chennai

company registration chennai india online consultants startup formation

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Call Our Experts +91-72999-72500. Finding a Best Startup Company Formation Consultants in Chennai is a very difficult job unless you find a better portal. We are here to get your job done. Our Expert Consultants will help you to register for a new Company in Chennai. Business Name Approval is the first step of your Hassle-Free Company Registration in Chennai Tamilnadu India.

We provide Company Formation Services Online at Rs.4499/-. No hidden Cost. All Govt. Fee Included.

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What is a Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a popular type of registering a business entity in India. This allows you to get a benefit of Separate Legal Entity for a Close People. FilingPoint.Com calls this as Closely Held Companies. Like Family Members / Friends will hold majority of the shares in their name.

Minimum Requirement for Company Registration in Chennai

  • The basic requirement for a Private Limited Company is a minimum of 2 Shareholders.
  • You need to have a minimum of 2 Directors. Out of this, One must be an Indian Resident.
  • You have to bring capital. There is no minimum amount. But Generally, the majority are bringing the capital of INR 1 Lakhs.
  • The new company must have its registered office in India.
  • PAN Card and Aadhar Card are compulsory for India Directors/Shareholders. Another key point is , If any foreign shareholders/directors are there, they have to submit their Passport Copy.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Chennai

We need the following documents for the registration of a company Online in India:

  1. PAN Card for All Directors / Share Holders
  2. Aadhar Card for All Directors / Share Holders
  3. Passport Copy if Director / Share Holder is a Foreigner
  4. Latest Bank Statement With Address of the account holder
  5. Latest Rental Agreement Copy
  6. Recent Utility Bill (Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Landline Bill)
  7. Consent to Act as a Managing Director
  8. Consent to act as a Director
  9. No Objection Certificates from the Office Landlord / Owner
  10. All other documents we will prepare and give you for signature.

Benefits of a Private Limited Company Formation

The first foremost benefit is Limited Liability. Limited Liability means your business liability is restricted up to your capital amount. No one can claim more than your capital. It helps you to safeguard your personal assets.

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

The second benefit is a Separate Legal Entity. A Pvt. Ltd. A company is a Legal Entity like a person. In other words, it can hold a property in its own name, buy anything, sell anything, it can do whatever it wants thru the Board of Directors (BOD). Similarly, it can sue or be sued.

Third, Easily Transfer shares to anyone. Moreover, Members May Come. May Go. Company will survive.

Fourth, it can borrow money within the powers given under the Companies Act,2013.

How to register a private limited company?

Time needed: 15 days.

Our Entity Formation Consultants will guide Step by Step during the following process of company setup

  1. Digital Signature and Finalization of MOA Main Business Objects

    This is the first step for the Pvt Ltd Registration Process . We have to apply DSC for all directors / Shareholders. and finalizing MOA Main Objects will be the most important task before applying name approval.

  2. Name Search and Applying for Name Registration Approval

    Company Name is an identity or brand for your future. It should be Unique, Easy to remember, Catchy. We help you to search your name Online. FilingPoint.Com will help you apply and get approval for your company name online easily.
    Do you know why we need to search our company name online?
    It helps to avoid duplication of entities and create a Unique Brand For us. It is important to create a better positioning in the market.

  3. Signing of All documents and preparation of all eforms

    After preparing a Copy of all relevant documents and making copies of proofs, we need to get signatures in all pages and prepare eforms to submit in ROC Portal.

  4. Submission of Final Forms to the ROC for COI (Certificate of Incorporation)

    Submission of the eforms is the final steps in your company registration process. ROC will issue Certificate of Incorporation after the approval.

  5. Submission of PAN Application / TAN Application

    PAN is a 10 digits unique registration number issued by the Income-Tax Department. This is a compulsory number for all kinds of taxpayers. We will help you to get PAN / TAN Online.

  6. Free GST Registration Process

    Registering a GST Number (Goods and Services Tax) Online is one of the important license for your business. It helps to sell goods and provide services in India and Abroad. We give you Free GST Registration Services Online for you.

  7. Subscription of Compliance UNLIMITED Annual Compliance Package

    Always On-time Compliance is very much important to reduce penalties and increase good compliance scores. Further, We are providing UNLIMITED Annual Packages at a Reasonable Cost. Please Contact Us at +91 72999-72500 immediately to get a better offer.

Charges for Company Registration in Chennai

FilingPoint.Com charges Rs.4499/- for a Private Limited / LLP / OPC / Company Registration Online. As you know, we are one of the Best Business Consultants in India to provide Perfect Professional Registration and Tax Consultancy Services. Generally, the Professional fee/charges/cost will be between INR 4499/- to INR 30000/- for Company Formation Services.

Contact the Best Online Company Formation Consultants

Call Our Experts +91 72999-72500 now to register a company hassle-free.

Our team is a combination of well-experienced people who have incorporated more than 1000 Private Limited Companies and consists of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, and other professionals. We provide Business Name Approval, Registering MSME/Udyam Companies, Trademark Registration, ROC Filing, and Annual Compliance Packages. Contact us to start immediately.

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Company Setup Certificate?

Its easy to download certificate. After Registration Process is over, the MCA will share you Company Registration Certificate. If you have not received, you can mail them or goto public documents and download your certificate by paying a Small Fee. FilingPoint.Com will help you to download RC Certificate.

Do I need to file for Certificate of Commencement immediately?

Yes. FilingPoint.Com suggests you submit a bank statement for the proof of your introduction of capital and get COC immediately. Otherwise, you cannot start your business activities. Even MCA Portal won’t allow you to change directors/address.

Company Registration in Coimbatore


Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Call Our Experts +91-72999-72500. Selecting Best Company Formation Consultants in Coimbatore is easy for us. We provide the Best Consultants to Start Your Business in Coimbatore and manage your Compliance on Time. Company Registration in Coimbatore is an Online Process where you need to submit your documents and complete the name approval and business setup.

Formation Cost

Get a Better Price for your Company Registration in Coimbatore. Our Consultants will provide Better Advisory Services while incorporating a Private Limited Company / One Person Company. Generally, they will charge a Fee of Rs.4499/- to Rs.15000/-. At FilingPoint.Com, we don’t charge you any hidden costs. This fee will vary based on your capital and location. We collect changes in government fees.

We charge Rs.4499/- for a Company Formation. It includes all government fee, DSC Cost, and others.

Online Company Formation Process

While starting a business, you have to select the Type of Entity, Location, and Shareholder/Directors. The Business Setup Process are as follows:

  1. Business Objects / MOA Main Objects Finalisation
  2. Name Approval Process
  3. Collection of All Proofs and Signing of all documents
  4. Preparation of Incorporation Forms
  5. Submission of eforms for Approval
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
  7. Downloading of Registration Certificate at Coimbatore
  8. Submission of Application for PAN / TAN
  9. Submission of Form for Commencement of Business

Documents Required for Starting a Company in Coimbatore

Simple Documents. For Directors/Shareholders, We need their PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Latest Bank Statement, and 3 Photos. FilingPoint.Com will not accept mobile-Camera-taken pictures. We need a Rental Agreement along with Utility Bills like Electricity Bill(With Address) or Property Tax Challans. Formation Consultants at FilingPoint.Com, prepare other documents and get your signature. Our Offer Price Starts at Rs.4499/- for a Company Formation. It includes all government fees, DSC Cost, and others.

Eligibility for Formation at Coimbatore

Any One can form a company. No need for any kind of eligibility. Even a Foreigner can start a company in India Coimbatore. If you know how to manage the company, it is enough.

Advantages of Registering a Company in Coimbatore

There are so many benefits to the formation of the company. Without Doubts, It improves your status. If you form a legal entity, it will open a gate for more business opportunities.

As it is a separate legal entity, you can buy assets in the company’s name. You can bring any number of directors. Apart from this, It increases your trust-ability and creditworthiness.

Contact Best Company Registration Consultants in Kovai

Contact the Reputed Auditors / Company Setup Consultants who have experience in forming a company in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu and GST Registration in Kovai. They will support you at all times when you need Advisory Services while starting a Startup Company.

Contact Best Corporate Advisors +91-72999-72500 or Mail Us info @ FilingPoint.Com

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Company Registration Online Fee

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Finding a Best Company Registration Consultants in Chennai, Coimbatore , Karaikudi and other places in India is very much easy with us. Getting an Offer Price for Company Registration online Fee is also an easy with Google now a days. Generally, Formation Consultants will charge you from Rs.3000/- to Rs.15000/- as a Professional fee for registering a Private Limited Company and Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- for a Startup Company.

What is the cost of registering a company in India?

FilingPoint offers a Best Price of Rs.4499/- for registering a company in India . This Company Registration Online Fee will vary based on your capital and state of registration. Even though this process is fully online, we have to buy Digital Signature, Name Approval Fee, Other Government Charges , Stamp Duty.

Hidden Charges during a Business Formation?

Majority Consultants will offer you a low price like INR 1000/Rs.999 as a Professional Fee. Ask their final total price. You will get surprise after seeing their price. We, at FilingPoint.Com , charge you Rs.4499/- inclusive of all charges and fee. No Hidden Fee. It’s the Best Price in the market for the services provided.

We are one of the Best Company Formation Consultants Online.

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Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi


We are one of the best company registration consultants Online in Karaikudi.Select Best Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi.
Karaikudi is very famous for non resident Indians and foreign citizens. But Many of the natives have migrated to foreign countries due to job or better environment.

Consultants for Company Formation

Now they want to start a company in Karaikudi from Singapore, US , Malaysia, London and other countries. We provide best property advisory services in Karaikudi, investment advisory services in Karaikudi and business registrations in Karaikudi. It helps entrepreneurs to start a business in their native place.

Best Auditors for Business Registration

Find your Best Auditors for Business Registration in Karaikudi. We are one of the Top Business Formation Advisors in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Karaikudi is a place where majority have migrated to abroad. Now they want to invest in Karaikudi and start a Private Limited Startup Company Online.

Contact Business Formation Auditors

Contacting Experienced Company Formation Consultants in Karaikudi is very easy now. We complete Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi immediately.

Call FilingPoint.Com at Karaikudi 72999-72500 for NRI Services