How to Register a New Company Name in India?

How to Register a New Company Name in India

Call Our Incorporation Experts at FilingPoint.Com +91 72999 72500. Are you searching for information on how to register a new company name in India? If your answer is yes, then read on. The registration process is mandatory for all businesses regardless of their size. There are many reasons that make the registration process mandatory and all the listed reasons are valid. First of all, it is for the benefit of the investors to protect their interest and their money in the long run.

Government Policies to register a Name

Secondly, the government policy and the legal norms are such that a registered Private Limited Company is more likely to survive the storm in the market than an unregistered company. It is because the registered companies in India have to disclose details about their income and assets. This disclosure is a precondition for the creditors to provide financial assistance to the companies. Also, the registered companies enjoy more reliability in the market than the unregistered ones because the registered companies are required to follow the rules and regulations imposed by the government.

However, if you are new to the business scene or you are still starting your own business, then you need to know how to register a company in India so that your company name will remain protected even if the economic conditions in India may change. The first step you need to undertake for this purpose is to get in touch with Leading business consultants in India like FilingPoint. A professional business consultant will help you in finding out the formalities involved in the process of registration. The registration of the company name in India can take up to 15 days depending upon the formalities and also the type of business you are doing.

Easy Steps for Company Name Approval Process in India

The process of how to register a company name in India starts from the submission of the name of the company. When you submit the name of the company, you have to include the complete name including all variations such as the abbreviated form of the name, the spelling of the name, etc. You need to keep one copy of the document along with the original copy and send them to the concerned authority. In the meanwhile, the concerned authority will contact you and will ask you to go through the documents. Once you are satisfied with the documents you will have to submit the documents to the registrar.

There are three ways on how to register a company name in India as follows

  • First, you can contact the office of the Registrar of Companies directly. If you have any problem related to the registration of the company name, the people there would be glad to assist you.
  • The second way is to approach any good know agency which deals in the registration of the registered company’s name. The agencies are available in major cities such as Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.
  • And thirdly, the most preferred way to get the company’s name registered in India is to approach the private companies that deal with these matters on a long-term basis.

Contact Business Setup Experts in India

The procedure to how to register a company name in India is not so time-consuming and boring. However, it does need a lot of hard work and perseverance on your part. There are certain things you need to do in order to successfully get the Registered Company’s Name of your choice registered in India.

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How to Incorporate a Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Registration

Call +91 72999 72500 for Private limited company registration in India has come as a great choice for a lot of businesses and startups. India is becoming an increasingly powerful economy and is becoming the most preferred destination for both international and domestic investments. In order to be able to reap benefits from these investments, Indian businesses are looking at various options that can help them make their presence felt international. Registration of a Private Limited Company has become one of these options. Private limited company registration in India is now becoming a popular choice to launch a flourishing business in India.

The process of incorporating a private limited company in India is not much different from the process of registration of a Private Limited Company in any other country. To incorporate a private limited company in India, the following documents would need to be furnished: The Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Annual General Meeting, Statement of Accounts, and Income Tax returns, if applicable. Incorporation of a Private Limited Company is required in each and every state of India and is compulsory for all companies registered in India. However, with the growth in the number of corporate registrations in India, the norms and regulations regarding the incorporation of a private company and its registration have been clarified in more detail and are being amended on an annual basis to make the process more streamlined.

Documents Required for Company Incorporation

The documents required for the incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India are not very complex. They are required to be in the format prescribed by the law of the country. However, since the incorporation of a Private Limited Company is a legal process in every state of India, every state also requires the submission of documents to the authorities appointed for the purpose, which can either be the Secretary or the Inspector general of the state, who takes the responsibility of registration of the company. All such documents shall be enclosed in the document box attached to the register of the company. Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India is mandatory to issue and failure to comply with the formalities may subject the concerned company to penalties.

In addition to the above mentioned documents, there are several other important documents required for the complete incorporation of a Private Limited Company in India. Among these are the pay check of the director or the principal, certificate of office and registration address proof, indemnity bond, articles of association, statutory notice of company registration, copy of appointment of directors, nominee service providers, nominee secretary of the board of directors, document related to winding up and bankruptcy of the company, nominee liquidator’s report, certificate of the registrant and its agreement and bye-lender of the Company. Other than these documents, there are also some additional documents required for the Company registration process in India. These include the Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Accounts Payable, Income Tax List, Annual Accounts, Statement of Changes in Accounting, winding up order of the Company and certificate of liquidation.

After the completion of all these documents, the next step is to draft the Articles of Association for the Private Limited Company. The proposed directors shall sign the Articles of Association duly in duplicate. The copies of the same are to be submitted along with the prescribed fee to the registered office of the Company. Before signing the Articles of Association, the proposed directors shall receive the instructions from the Registrar of Companies. Within two weeks from the submission of the Articles of Association, the first shareholders will receive notice regarding the acceptance or rejection of the application.

Process to Register your Company in India

From the notified date, the shareholders will have to receive notice regarding the acceptance or rejection of the application for incorporating a private limited company. After approval, the company shall issue its share capital. If the shareholders approve the Articles of Association, then it shall continue its business under the name of the Company. If the company does not receive an approval within the prescribed time limit, then the Company may be dissolved. Further, the directors of the Company are liable to pay the fees of the Registrar of Companies.

Contact Company Registration Consultants in India

The Indian Private Limited Company allows business houses to function through a straightforward set of procedures and at extremely low costs. Incorporation of a private limited company in India offers business houses many benefits, including the ability to save on the cost of registration fees, get registered under the Companies Act, and benefit from a multitude of other state-of-the-art business laws. Business registration in India is not as cumbersome as it was in the past, thanks to a plethora of new and improved laws that have been incorporated into the India Private Limited Company Registration in India. With an efficient online registration process such as the Private Limited Company Registration in India, business houses can now register their businesses online and save a lot of time and money.

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Company Registration in Chennai

company registration chennai india online consultants startup formation Tamilnadu

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Call Our Experts +91-72999-72500. Finding a Best Startup Company Formation Consultants in Chennai is a very difficult job unless you find a better portal. We are here to get your job done. Our Expert Consultants will help you to register for a new Company in Chennai. Business Name Approval is the first step of your Hassle-Free Company Registration in Chennai Tamilnadu India.

We provide Company Formation Services Online at Rs.4499/-. No hidden Cost. All Govt. Fee Included.

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What is a Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a popular type of registering a business entity in India. This allows you to get a benefit of Separate Legal Entity for a Close People. FilingPoint.Com calls this as Closely Held Companies. Like Family Members / Friends will hold majority of the shares in their name.

Minimum Requirement for Company Registration in Chennai

  • The basic requirement for a Private Limited Company is a minimum of 2 Shareholders.
  • You need to have a minimum of 2 Directors. Out of this, One must be an Indian Resident.
  • You have to bring capital. There is no minimum amount. But Generally, the majority are bringing the capital of INR 1 Lakhs.
  • The new company must have its registered office in India.
  • PAN Card and Aadhar Card are compulsory for India Directors/Shareholders. Another key point is , If any foreign shareholders/directors are there, they have to submit their Passport Copy.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Chennai

We need the following documents for the registration of a company Online in India:

  1. PAN Card for All Directors / Share Holders
  2. Aadhar Card for All Directors / Share Holders
  3. Passport Copy if Director / Share Holder is a Foreigner
  4. Latest Bank Statement With Address of the account holder
  5. Latest Rental Agreement Copy
  6. Recent Utility Bill (Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Landline Bill)
  7. Consent to Act as a Managing Director
  8. Consent to act as a Director
  9. No Objection Certificates from the Office Landlord / Owner
  10. All other documents we will prepare and give you for signature.

Benefits of a Private Limited Company Formation

The first foremost benefit is Limited Liability. Limited Liability means your business liability is restricted up to your capital amount. No one can claim more than your capital. It helps you to safeguard your personal assets.

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

The second benefit is a Separate Legal Entity. A Pvt. Ltd. A company is a Legal Entity like a person. In other words, it can hold a property in its own name, buy anything, sell anything, it can do whatever it wants thru the Board of Directors (BOD). Similarly, it can sue or be sued.

Third, Easily Transfer shares to anyone. Moreover, Members May Come. May Go. Company will survive.

Fourth, it can borrow money within the powers given under the Companies Act,2013.

How to register a private limited company?

Time needed: 15 days.

Our Entity Formation Consultants will guide Step by Step during the following process of company setup

  1. Digital Signature and Finalization of MOA Main Business Objects

    This is the first step for the Pvt Ltd Registration Process . We have to apply DSC for all directors / Shareholders. and finalizing MOA Main Objects will be the most important task before applying name approval.

  2. Name Search and Applying for Name Registration Approval

    Company Name is an identity or brand for your future. It should be Unique, Easy to remember, Catchy. We help you to search your name Online. FilingPoint.Com will help you apply and get approval for your company name online easily.
    Do you know why we need to search our company name online?
    It helps to avoid duplication of entities and create a Unique Brand For us. It is important to create a better positioning in the market.

  3. Signing of All documents and preparation of all eforms

    After preparing a Copy of all relevant documents and making copies of proofs, we need to get signatures in all pages and prepare eforms to submit in ROC Portal.

  4. Submission of Final Forms to the ROC for COI (Certificate of Incorporation)

    Submission of the eforms is the final steps in your company registration process. ROC will issue Certificate of Incorporation after the approval.

  5. Submission of PAN Application / TAN Application

    PAN is a 10 digits unique registration number issued by the Income-Tax Department. This is a compulsory number for all kinds of taxpayers. We will help you to get PAN / TAN Online.

  6. Free GST Registration Process

    Registering a GST Number (Goods and Services Tax) Online is one of the important license for your business. It helps to sell goods and provide services in India and Abroad. We give you Free GST Registration Services Online for you.

  7. Subscription of Compliance UNLIMITED Annual Compliance Package

    Always On-time Compliance is very much important to reduce penalties and increase good compliance scores. Further, We are providing UNLIMITED Annual Packages at a Reasonable Cost. Please Contact Us at +91 72999-72500 immediately to get a better offer.

Charges for Company Registration in Chennai

FilingPoint.Com charges Rs.4499/- for a Private Limited / LLP / OPC / Company Registration Online. As you know, we are one of the Best Business Consultants in India to provide Perfect Professional Registration and Tax Consultancy Services. Generally, the Professional fee/charges/cost will be between INR 4499/- to INR 30000/- for Company Formation Services.

Contact the Best Online Company Formation Consultants

Call Our Experts +91 72999-72500 now to register a company hassle-free.

Our team is a combination of well-experienced people who have incorporated more than 1000 Private Limited Companies and consists of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers, and other professionals. We provide Business Name Approval, Registering MSME/Udyam Companies, Trademark Registration, ROC Filing, and Annual Compliance Packages. Contact us to start immediately.

Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Company Setup Certificate?

Its easy to download certificate. After Registration Process is over, the MCA will share you Company Registration Certificate. If you have not received, you can mail them or goto public documents and download your certificate by paying a Small Fee. FilingPoint.Com will help you to download RC Certificate.

Do I need to file for Certificate of Commencement immediately?

Yes. FilingPoint.Com suggests you submit a bank statement for the proof of your introduction of capital and get COC immediately. Otherwise, you cannot start your business activities. Even MCA Portal won’t allow you to change directors/address.

Company Registration in Coimbatore


Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Call Our Experts +91-72999-72500. Selecting Best Company Formation Consultants in Coimbatore is easy for us. We provide the Best Consultants to Start Your Business in Coimbatore and manage your Compliance on Time. Company Registration in Coimbatore is an Online Process where you need to submit your documents and complete the name approval and business setup.

Formation Cost

Get a Better Price for your Company Registration in Coimbatore. Our Consultants will provide Better Advisory Services while incorporating a Private Limited Company / One Person Company. Generally, they will charge a Fee of Rs.4499/- to Rs.15000/-. At FilingPoint.Com, we don’t charge you any hidden costs. This fee will vary based on your capital and location. We collect changes in government fees.

We charge Rs.4499/- for a Company Formation. It includes all government fee, DSC Cost, and others.

Online Company Formation Process

While starting a business, you have to select the Type of Entity, Location, and Shareholder/Directors. The Business Setup Process are as follows:

  1. Business Objects / MOA Main Objects Finalisation
  2. Name Approval Process
  3. Collection of All Proofs and Signing of all documents
  4. Preparation of Incorporation Forms
  5. Submission of eforms for Approval
  6. Certificate of Incorporation
  7. Downloading of Registration Certificate at Coimbatore
  8. Submission of Application for PAN / TAN
  9. Submission of Form for Commencement of Business

Documents Required for Starting a Company in Coimbatore

Simple Documents. For Directors/Shareholders, We need their PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Latest Bank Statement, and 3 Photos. FilingPoint.Com will not accept mobile-Camera-taken pictures. We need a Rental Agreement along with Utility Bills like Electricity Bill(With Address) or Property Tax Challans. Formation Consultants at FilingPoint.Com, prepare other documents and get your signature. Our Offer Price Starts at Rs.4499/- for a Company Formation. It includes all government fees, DSC Cost, and others.

Eligibility for Formation at Coimbatore

Any One can form a company. No need for any kind of eligibility. Even a Foreigner can start a company in India Coimbatore. If you know how to manage the company, it is enough.

Advantages of Registering a Company in Coimbatore

There are so many benefits to the formation of the company. Without Doubts, It improves your status. If you form a legal entity, it will open a gate for more business opportunities.

As it is a separate legal entity, you can buy assets in the company’s name. You can bring any number of directors. Apart from this, It increases your trust-ability and creditworthiness.

Contact Best Company Registration Consultants in Kovai

Contact the Reputed Auditors / Company Setup Consultants who have experience in forming a company in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu and GST Registration in Kovai. They will support you at all times when you need Advisory Services while starting a Startup Company and also Partnership Registration in Coimbatore.

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Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Company Registration Online Fee


Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Finding a Best Company Registration Consultants in Chennai, Coimbatore , Karaikudi and other places in India is very much easy with us. Getting an Offer Price for Company Registration online Fee is also an easy with Google now a days. Generally, Formation Consultants will charge you from Rs.3000/- to Rs.15000/- as a Professional fee for registering a Private Limited Company and Rs.3000/- to Rs.5000/- for a Startup Company.

What is the cost of registering a company in India?

FilingPoint offers a Best Price of Rs.4499/- for registering a company in India . This Company Registration Online Fee will vary based on your capital and state of registration. Even though this process is fully online, we have to buy Digital Signature, Name Approval Fee, Other Government Charges , Stamp Duty.

Hidden Charges during a Business Formation?

Majority Consultants will offer you a low price like INR 1000/Rs.999 as a Professional Fee. Ask their final total price. You will get surprise after seeing their price. We, at FilingPoint.Com , charge you Rs.4499/- inclusive of all charges and fee. No Hidden Fee. It’s the Best Price in the market for the services provided.

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Private Limited Company Registration @ Rs.4499/-

Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi


We are one of the best company registration consultants Online in Karaikudi.Select Best Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi.
Karaikudi is very famous for non resident Indians and foreign citizens. But Many of the natives have migrated to foreign countries due to job or better environment.

Consultants for Company Formation

Now they want to start a company in Karaikudi from Singapore, US , Malaysia, London and other countries. We provide best property advisory services in Karaikudi, investment advisory services in Karaikudi and business registrations in Karaikudi. It helps entrepreneurs to start a business in their native place.

Best Auditors for Business Registration

Find your Best Auditors for Business Registration in Karaikudi. We are one of the Top Business Formation Advisors in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. Karaikudi is a place where majority have migrated to abroad. Now they want to invest in Karaikudi and start a Private Limited Startup Company Online.

Contact Business Formation Auditors

Contacting Experienced Company Formation Consultants in Karaikudi is very easy now. We complete Company Registration Services Online in Karaikudi immediately.

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Check Company Name Availability


ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Smart Guide to Company Name Check Online

Many clients are asking us do I need to verify entity name before registering / incorporating my company. Our Answer is Yes. We have to check the company name to find existing company details, if any in the same name. And we have to check registered trademarks to avoid future litigation.

Registering a Company Name is an easy process if you find company registration consultants like us. We help you from verifying name availability to company incorporation. We also help you for post incorporation services for a private limited company / One Person Company ( OPC )/ Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP ) .

Three Easy Steps for Name Check Online

  1. Checking Name at MCA . Gov. In
  2. Verifying Existing Registered Trademark
  3. Check other types of companies like LLP

Check Company Name Availability | Company Name Approval

Call 72999-72500 for Check Company Name Availability

Other Services are as follows:

New Company Name Search

Searching a Better Name for a New Private Limited Company is not an easy job. Find a Best Consultant for Company Incorporation. They will take care of your Incorporation needs.

Check Company Registration Status

Unless You check name availability, you can find is there any existing company or not. So it is better to find a company registration status of an existing company before starting a LLP / OPC / Private Limited Registration.

Pvt Ltd Company Name Suggestions

Company Name Suggestions of a Pvt Ltd is like a guide or google who helps us when we need help. Google Search will give a list of websites for the keywords. Same way , we provide company name suggestions for registering a private limited company.

Company Directors Details MCA

Ministry of Corporate Affairs [ MCA ] provides Best Search Utility to Get Company Director Details and Company Master Data Online.

Filingpoint Name Search

FilingPoint Team is one of the best company registration consultants who provides business setup services online They help you from Searching a Company Name to Incorporation of Your company.

Company Name Formation Checking

While forming a company, checking of a company name is an important process. It is a part of company registration checklist. We advice you NOT to infringe any intellectual property or dont select existing company name.

Company Name Registration

It is the first step of a Company Registration in Chennai. We Provide Company Name Registration Services in Chennai along with Private Limited Registration Services.

New Business Name Search

Many Entrepreneurs will ask us how to search new business name. We suggest you to visit our book mark page . It will give you the URL where you have to search and find Company Name Availability Online.

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Company Name Search Online
Check New Company Name
How do I check to see if my business name is available
How can I check availability of Pvt Ltd company
Where can I find company information
How do I find a company name
How do I check if a name is copyrighted
How can I start a private limited company
Auditors Advise for a Best Company Name

FilingPoint.Com / 72999-72500 for Name and Company Registration

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-


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GST number search by name is an easy option to validate GST Numbers. We want to help GST Taxpayers to find correct GST numbers of their vendors and file their GST returns right. We care for GST taxpayers.  


Goods and Services Tax Identification Number in short is called as GSTIN. GST Number is your unique GST registration identity for your business. GSTIN is a 15 digit alpha numeric number.


GSTN or GST Number is used to file your GST returns. Your Vendors quote your GST number for the purchases made from you. This creates transparency, reduces tax evasion and manipulation


GSTIN is a 15 digit number with a combination of alphabets and numbers.

EX:   33ACMCP0105M1ZC  ————33   ACMCP0105M   1     Z     C

  • The first 2 digits indicates the state in India . In the above example 33 represents Tamilnadu State code. Similarly if the first 2 digits of GST is 29 then it is GST number of Karnataka state etc.
  • The next 10 characters represent taxpayer’s PAN number. In the above example ACMCP0105M is the PAN of the taxpayer
  • The 13th Digit represents the tax payer registration number with the same PAN
  • The 14th Digit is “Z” by default for all GST numbers or GSTIN. It does not indicate anything in particular presently.
  • The 15th digit is the checksum digit. It can be an alphabet or a number.


Some people quote fake GST numbers and misuse the benefits GST. They may not be able to so for long and fool consumers. When GST returns are filed by vendors such culprits are brought to spotlight.


You can report about fake or illegal GST numbers by sending email to You may also make a call on +91 124 4688999 / +91 120 4888999


You cannot get address of the GST taxpayer through his GST number. However you can derive the State where the GST is registered.


GST number will be valid when you file  GST returns periodically and follow compliances. Else your GST number will be cancelled by the government


Finding GST number of a Company or Individual or others has become very easy.  Every GST number of any business of any state is shared with Central government. 

All you need to do is


—> Select particular State or All states

—> Type Name or PAN of GST taxpayer

—> Tick the box I’m not a robot

—> verify images and confirm if necessary

—> Click on Search.


You can use FREE Online GST Number Verification Tool that are aplenty online. Alternately you can visit and use FREE Online GST Number Verification Tool / GST number search by name. This tool helps you to verify multiple GST numbers at a time. All you need to do is to key in your GST numbers or upload your list of GST numbers. The results will be instantly displayed on the screen.

If the GST number entered is correct a message will be displayed on the screen ‘Valid Checksum’, else you get the message as ‘Invalid Checksum’. With this GST verification tool you can also derive details like

  • Legal Name of Business
  • Trade name     
  • Center Jurisdiction
  • State Jurisdiction
  • Date of registration
  • Constitution of Business
  • Taxpayer Type
  • GSTIN / UIN Status
  • Date of Cancellation
  • Field Visit Conducted?
  • Nature of Business Activities

We understand you still have queries and need clarifications on How to Find the GST Number of a Company By its Name /Pan

Filing Point is top business registration specialists in Chennai. We are one stop solution business services provider. In case you are looking for GST filing services, GST reconciliation services, GST return filing service, online GST returns filing services, GST audit and reconciliation services , GST reconciliation process services in Chennai, Filing Point can help you with your requirements.

We are always happy to answer your queries anytime. Get in touch with us today.

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“Get Done Your ROC Filing and ROC Compliance at Right time”


Registrar of Companies in short is known as ROC. It is the Government authority under Ministry of Company Affairs, India that directs various companies registered under Companies Act 1956 and Companies Act 2013.

ROC ensures that companies are properly registered as per acts and rules of Companies Act, maintain accounts and other data accurately. ROC office maintains the registry of records. Individuals or corporate can access details about a company through ROC.


As per Companies Act, it is necessary the companies registered under ROC need to ensure compliances are documented with ROC through filing of relevant eforms. This process is called ROC filing. Annual return filing is the main part of ROC compliance. Financial reporting, directors and auditors reporting and maintaining of statutory register are a part of this ROC compliance.

ROC Noncompliance is dealt with severely with punishments, penalties, imprisonment and on the extreme closure of companies


ROC fees are the government fees for filing of ROC forms. When you want to file any forms with ROC, you need to pay ROC filing fees for the same. The process of filing of forms with ROC is complete only when the ROC filing fees is paid.

ROC fees vary depending on the forms, share capital of the organization and document requirements.


It is advisable to get your ROC filing of your organization done through professional Chartered Accountants or Company secretaries. They offer professional ROC filing services and Annual Return Filing services


It is the responsibility of the director or LLP partner to ensure ROC filings of their organization is done on time to ensure ROC compliance.


Apart from the nominal government fees/ROC fees, you need to pay professional fees to CS / CA/ ICWA. This professional fee varies from firm to firm.


Inspection of Company / LLP Documents

Viewing Company Documents on Portal –  Rs 100.00 per Company

Viewing LLP Documents on Portal –  Rs 50.00 per LLP

Certified Copy of Company / LLP Documents

Certificate of Incorporation – Rs 100.00 per copy

Certificate of Incorporation / Conversion for LLP –   Rs 50.00 per copy

Other Public docs.  – Rs 25.00 / page of a document

Other LLP docus.  –  Rs 5.00 per page per document

Transfer Deeds

Nominal Face value of shares is up to Rs. 5000 –   Rs 50 per deed

Nominal Face value of shares is more than Rs. 5000 –   Rs 100 per deed

How to calculate ROC fees?

Go to MCA website——-MCA Services—-Fees and payment service—-Enquire fees—-select company or LLP–Select form —Give CIN number if necessary—-Select the purpose of filing. Select the date of event—-Click on the calculate button.

Alternately use can use Filing Point ROC Fee calculator for company registration fees. Visit  —- Company registration tab———Click on Roc fees calculator—-Select State—–Select Company / OPC/LLP—–Enter capital investment—Click calculate.

Your ROC fees breakup will be displayed instantly on your screen.

We understand you still have queries and need clarifications on ROC fees and compliance. 

Filing Point is top business registration specialists in Chennai. We are one stop solution business services provider. In case you are looking for ROC filing services in Chennai, Filing Point can help you with your requirements. We are always happy to answer your queries anytime. Get in touch with us today.