Main Objects Of Legal Consultancy Company

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Detailed Objects

To carry on the business or vocation to act as a consultants and advisers on all matters and problems related to the Technical Industries, civil, administration, finance and organization, management, commencement or expansion of industry, purchasing techniques and business (including construction of plants and buildings) production, purchases, sales, material and cost control marketing, advertisement, publicity, personnel, export and import to and for institutions, concerns, bodies, associations (incorporated or unincorporated), departments and services of the Government, public or local authorities, trusts, scientific research and Development Centers, and to be appointed as technical, financial, industrial administration, civil consultants.

To provide all types of legal services including but not limited to drafting agreements, contracts, memorandum of understanding, rental agreements or any other contractual documentations, contractual or any other commercial, legal statutory documentation and to act as advisers and consultants on all legal matters to any business entities either Private Limited ,Public Limited, Government companies, proprietary concerns, partnership firms or any other legal entities in India or abroad. To provide arbitration services for rendering disputes between two or more parties including individuals, companies, proprietors, associates, unions or any other form of legal entities. To act as the arbitrators.

 To investigate on behalf of any company, corporation, body corporate, industries, firm, association or any person and collect data and information and submit reports and details on feasibility of new projects and/or improvements to and/or expansion of existing projects; and diagnose operational difficulties and weaknesses and suggest remedial measures to improve and modernize existing units.

Short Objects for RUN/eForms

To carry on business as consultants in the fields of technology, engineering , process planning, science, undertaking organizations, finance, accounting, commerce, manpower planning, selection and training, behavioral sciences and as technical consultants, efficiency expert, advisers to any person or persons, firm, company, corporation, business, society, association, government, local body & educational institutions in India and other parts of the world.

Relevant Industrial Code and Description:

Code : 74 - Other Business Activities

Relevant Trademark Classes

Class 35
Advertising, business management, business administration, office functions

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