MSME / SSI / Udyog Aadhaar Registration

Same as Above.


1. Aadhaar Number:
  Fill 12 digit Aadhaar number issued to the applicant in the appropriate field.

2. Name of Applicant:
  Fill name of Applicant as mentioned on the Aadhaar Card.

3. Social Category:
  Select the Social Category of applicant from the given options.

4. Gender:
  Select the gender from provided option

5. Physically Handicapped:
  Select the status from provided options

6. Name of Enterprise / Business:
  Fill the name of Business / Enterprise which will get printed on MSME Certificate.

7. Type of Organization:
  Select the type of organization from the given options which will get printed on MSME Certificate.

8. PAN:
  Fill 10 Digit PAN Number in case of Limited Liability Partnership / Co-operative Society / Private Limited / Public Limited. PAN Number is optional in case of Proprietorship Firm / Hindu Undivided Family / Partnership Firm / Self Help Group

9. Location of Plant:
  Please fill the location address properly

10. Office Address:
  Please provide office address, if address other than plant location.

11. Mobile No:
  Fill the correct Mobile Number of Applicant

12. Mail ID:
  Fill the correct Mail ID of Applicant

13. Date of Commencement of Business:
  Fill the date of Commencement of Business which will get printed on MSME Certificate.

14. Bank Account Number:
  Fill the Applicant’s bank account number.

15. Bank IFS Code:
  Fill the Applicant Bank IFS Code. The IFS code is printed on the Cheque Books.

16. Main Business Activity of Enterprise:
  Select the Main Business activity from the given options.

17. NIC 2 Digit Code:
  Select the 2 Digit NIC Code from the given options considering your business activity.

18. Additional details about Business:
  Fill Additional details about business. (For example – manufacturing of Food Products, Computer programming, Software development)

19. Number of employees:
  Fill total number of people been employed.

20. Investment in Plant & Machinery / Equipment:
  Fill the total investment made in Plant, Machinery, and Equipment etc. to start your business.

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