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One Person Company in Chennai

Call Our Advisors +91 7299972500 / Our One Person Company -OPC Registration Consultants have more than 14 Years of Experience with 99% Success Rate in the filed of Trademark OPC Registration in Chennai. Register your OPC with no hassles. We specialize in all kinds of business registration anywhere in India. FilingPoint offers Quick OPC Registration. Register your OPC in Chennai in 3 easy steps. FilingPoint OPC registration is a Quick Process with on time support. Get OPC Registration in TN, India with professional support and guidance at FilingPoint.

OPC Registration Cost

Best OPC Registration Consultant in India. Simple and Transparent Pricing. No hidden fees.


Startup Plan

OPC Registration suitable for Startups and First Time Business owners.

₹999 ₹4500
+ Actuals
Pay Now
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.1 Lac
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • MSME Registration

Premium Plan

OPC Company Registration along with Certificate of Commencement and MSME Registration

₹2999 ₹11500
+ Actuals
Pay Now
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.5 Lacs
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • MSME Registration

Ultimate Plan

OPC Registration with 3 Directors,Commencement Certificate and MSME Registration Online.

₹4499 ₹15000
+ Actuals
Pay Now
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.10 Lacs
  • 3 Directors
  • 3 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 3 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • MSME Registration

Benefits of Company Incorporation Process

  • DSC Offer @ Rs.750/- Per Token
  • eMOA / eAOA / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Free 2 DINs
  • Free ePAN / TAN Registration
  • Proposed Authorised Capital Up to Rs.5 Lac
  • GST Registration Offer @ Rs.799/-
  • Unlimited ROC Filings @ Rs.10000/-
  • First Board Minutes of Meeting

Questions & Answers in OPC Company Formation

What is an OPC Company?

OPC Company is an One Person Company set up by a single business owner as per Companies Act, 2013.

What’s the difference between OPC and Sole Proprietorship?

The prime difference between OPC and Sole Proprietorship is – in a sole proprietorship the single business owner faces the risk of unlimited liability. Whereas in case of OPC, the member enjoys limited liability. Sole proprietorship firm does not have the status of separate legal entity like an OPC. Also OPC has perpetual existence unlike sole proprietorship.

What’s the eligibility to become OPC member?

OPC member must be natural person and an Indian citizen. S/he must be an Indian resident for at least 182 days immediately prior the financial year.

Is nominee compulsory for an OPC?

Yes. The single member or owner of OPC must compulsorily elect a nominee during OPC registration. The nominee must submit his written consent vide INC-3

Can I be OPC member for more than one OPC?

No. A person can be OPC member for only one OPC. However, he can be member or shareholder of other private limited company.

What compliances must an OPC follow?

OPC has to conduct at least one board meeting every half of the financial year. The time gap between board meetings must be at least ninety days. Books of accounts must be maintained. Must get their financial statements audited every financial year. Must submit Income tax returns and ROC Annual returns within due dates.

What is One Person Company?

OPC Company is the simplest form of company you can set-up in India with a single person. OPC enjoys distinct legal status as per law. Unlike sole proprietorship firms, OPCs have perpetual succession. OPC company must appoint a Nominee. This Nominee can take up the business reins when OPC owner is unable to continue office. OPCs in India are governed by rules and provisions of Companies Act, 2013.

Advantages of One Person Company Registration in India

There are tons of benefits in registering your business as OPC in India. Lay a firm foundation for business by registering your OPC with perfect legal formalities. Are you planning to start a new company? Seek help from FilingPoint OPC advisors to Register your OPC with right legalities. It is important you provide all related information during company incorporation. Our consultants help you in every step of OPC registration process.

The top advantage of OPC company is Single Ownership. The owner has total business control of OPC. Like other forms of companies, OPC owners’ personal assets are safe and face fewer risks. In case of death or incapability of OPC owner, the nominee automatically becomes OPC director and takes over OPC’s control. OPC compliance are fewer when compared to public and private companies. No AGM or board meeting necessary. Critical business decisions can be made without board meetings. OPC registration is a simple process. OPC registration takes only 3 days. Banks and Financial institutions prefer to lend money to OPC than proprietorship. OPCs have better business efficiency and better social visibility. They enjoy the status of distinct legal person right from the date of incorporation.

One Person Company Registration Process

One Person Company Registration Process is a complex process. It involves various legalities and submission of forms. There are specific formalities involved during OPC registration process in India. Before OPC registration, make sure you have adequate knowledge about registration procedure, business structure, compliance and other details about OPC in India. If possible, try to get in touch with OPC advisors who have necessary experience and knowledge. A good OPC consultant can help you understand the entire process and offer best advice in case of issues. It is always advisable to seek advice from professionals who have good knowledge and experience in OPC related matters. FilingPoint offers end to end support in OPC registration, compliance and filings in India.

OPC is one of the best form of business structure in India. You can be a single business owner of your OPC and have total business control. Over the top, the single business owner enjoys limited liability. It means his personal assets are safe and face fewer risks against business liabilities. You can start an OPC anywhere in India. Choose to set up your business as One Person Company when your expected turnover and capital of your company are within prescribed limits.

Benefits of One Person Company Registration in India

  1. Businessmen are still in confusion as to why they should start a business with OPC registration in India. The top reason is that it is the fastest way of getting your business registration done and thus you can enter the corporate world . Well, there are some other advantages too.
  2. Firstly, you can be rest assured that you will not face any issues during the process of OPC registration at FilingPoint. India has got trained professionals who have top qualification. They know end to end process about company registration in India.
  3. One can enjoy many benefits of OPC registration in India. One can get benefited and blessed with OPC registration by having total control and ownership of your business. Internet search in India gives out tons of information regarding registering an OPC in India, the procedures and other related details.

OPC Registration Process in India

Registration of an One Person Company with 99% Success Rate is not an easy feat. There are numerous formalities involved that needs to be adhered to. Government fees is payable before you get your OPC registration certificate. Besides, your company name must be unique and distinct. It should not resemble the existing company name or OPC names. The proposed director must obtain DIN and DSC before the company registration process starts. Be smart to engage an OPC advisor or company registration consultant for your OPC registration in India.

Why you need OPC advisors or company registration consultants

Company registration in India is a lengthy process. The entire process of company registration happens through a complex legal process. Many technical formalities are involved too. It is wise to get your OPC registration through a good service provider. You need to make sure you understand all the technicalities involved in the procedure. While choosing a consultant or service provider, it’s better to seek reviews. Find the one with good track record and reputation. Getting your business registered as OPC helps you in protecting your personal assets against business risks and liabilities.

Documents Required for OPC Registration

From Member

  • One Colour Photograph of Member
  • PAN Card of Member
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)

From Nominee

  • One Colour Photograph of Nominee
  • PAN Card of Nominee
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)

Registered Office Address Proof

  • NOC from Owner
  • Utility bill proof (Electricity/Water/ Property tax paid receipts)

Advantages of OPC Registration

OPC Registration in Chennai Online India

Single owner company

OPC is a single owner company. Want to have total control over your business? Then OPC is the right choice

Limited risk and liability

Like other forms of company structures, OPC owner enjoys limited risk and limited liability advantage. His personal assets are safe and has fewer risks.

Business succession

Unlike sole proprietor firm, OPCs need not shut shop in case death of single owner. Nominee will automatically take over the business reins of the OPC after the demise of OPC director.

Easy compliance

OPC compliance are simple and easy when compared to public and private limited companies. No board meetings and AGMs. Business decisions can be made quickly without board meetings also.

Quick registration

It is simple and easy to get your OPC registration in India within 3 working days through service providers and OPC consultants.

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Best OPC Registration Services in Chennai @ Rs.999

A professional service provider can make your OPC registration online a simple and easy task. You can get your job done within a short span of time. They offer you the best services including follow-up and representation services too. These services are important to promoters and business owners who yearn to set up their OPC in India. It gives them an edge over their business competitors. These services are popular in the market. So, if you are planning to start an OPC in India, availing OPC registration services in Chennai is a good idea.call our Online Registration Experts +91 7299972500.

Professional OPC Registration consultants in Chennai

Professional OPC Registration consultants in Chennai offer the their expertise and help companies in various activities of registration process. It includes- OPC registration online, OPC name search, OPC registration service, OPC compliance services, OPC filing services, OPC advisory services and other related services.

FilingPoint is single stop solution for all business management and registration requirements. Call us for free consultation today!

Register your company as OPC through FilingPoint experts

Contact our experts for OPC registration

Call Our OPC Registration Experts +91 72999 72500 The benefits of getting OPC registration done through FilingPoint consultants are many. It includes technical, financial, legal and social benefits. Even when you have zero knowledge about OPC and its compliance. We are here to help you understand the necessary details. Thus, it’s extremely important that you register your OPC in India through professional support. Step into the corporate world with right legalities.

Put your right foot forward and build a success story.

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