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Company Registration in Salem

Starting a company in Salem is easy through Filing Point. Private Limited Company is best business structure to start a business in India. It helps you to maintain limited liability, seperate legal entity, buy assets in own name, open bank accounts, open branches anywhere, do business and enjoy governemnt startup subsidies and certain tax benefits in Salem. All that is required are PAN card/Passport, if foreigner of the promoters, address proof and bank statement copies of the promoters along with address proof for the registered office address at Salem. A company can be started in about 10 - 15 days. If you have the necessary documents, you can Call us and Discuss with our Advisor to incorporate your Company.

Limited liability is the status of being legally responsible only to a limited amount for debts of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, in a private limited company the liability of the shareholders in respect of the company’s liabilities is limited. In other words, the liability of the shareholders of a company is limited only to the value of shares taken up by them.

NRIs, foreign nationals and foreign entities can register a company and invest in India, subject to the Foreign Direct Investment norms set by the RBI. However, incorporation rules in India require for one Indian national to be a part of the company on the Board of Directors.You need to have your registered office in India Only.

Do you know how many days will take to start a company in Salem? Generally it takes maximum of 15 workings days to incorpoate a Startup Company with Our Company Registration Consultants in Salem.

List of Documents Required for Company Registration

For Indian Nationals

  • Two Colour Photographs of Promoters
  • PAN Card of Each Promoter
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)
  • Proof of Registered Office
  • Utility Bill as proof must be Latest
  • Rental Agreement
  • NOC from the owner of the premises

For Foreigners

  • Two Colour Photographs of Promoters
  • PAN Card of Each Promoter
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)
  • Proof of Registered Office/Rental Agreement
  • Utility Bill as proof must be Latest
  • NOC from the owner of the premises
  • *We charge additional amount of Rs.7500/- per Director

Advantages of Registering a Private Limited Company in Salem

Company Registration in Salem

Easy to Start

Company Registration is a very easy task. Therefore, it is one of the best form of business entity to start easy. Also it gives you major 6 Advantages of Incorporation of a Company Under Companies Act and you can have assets or you can borrow in the name of the company.

Business Name

After starting a Private Limited, no one can have the same name as their company name. It is the advantage of a Private Limited. But always do not try to infringe any registered trademark in Salem.

Multiple Directors

A Private Limited can have two or more directors. It gives you best option to pool all talented people and convert as a single positive result.

Lower Taxes

Income-Tax Department has reduced the Corporte Tax Upto 18% if Gross turnover upto 250 Cr. in the previous year and other conditions. And also it can enjoy some of the tax deductions, which could potentially decrease the tax liability.

Easy to Close

With the help of Provisions of the Commpanies Act,2013, we can close a closely help companies easily. After Filing relevant eforms with MCA, the department is taking immediate action to closing within 6-9 months time.

What is the Best Business Structure - Differences
Check advantages and disadvantages of Common Business Entity Types in Salem

+ Separate legal entity
A Company is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
An OPC is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
An LLP is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
A Partnership is a legal entity but not different from partners
The proprietor and the proprietorship business is the same thing
+ Limited Liability
Shareholders of a Company are bound to pay only upto the capital they have subscribed to the company.
In OPC, unlike a proprietorship, the shareholder cannot be asked to pay beyond his subscribed capital
The partners of an LLP can be called upon to pay only upto the amount of capital they subscribed to.
There is no protection of limited liability, even the personal properties of partners are at risk for losses of business
The proprietor is the whole sole of the business, and his liability to the debts or losses of proprietorship is unlimited.
+ Number of members
2 - 200
A Company can be opened with at least two people. However, the maximum number cannot be more than 200
In the case of OPC, Only one person can be a shareholder. He would be required to appoint a nominee.
2 - unlimited
With two partners an LLP can be incorporated, there is no limit on the maximum number of partners
2 - 20
A Partnership firm can start with a minimum of two partners, the, however, the maximum number is capped at 20
Only one person is required for proprietorship, also known as proprietor.
+ Number of Directors /DP
A company can be opened with at least two and a maximum of 15 directors. The same person can be a shareholder as well as director
At least one person must be appointed as director of the company. The shareholder and director may be the same person
2 to unlimited
The minimum two designated partner is required in an LLP & there is no limit to the maximum number.
Not Applicable
There is no separation of ownership and management in case of a partnership. All partners are equally responsible for the conduct of business.
Not Applicable
In case of a proprietorship, the proprietor is solely responsible for the conduct of business.
+ Foreign Investment (FDI)
Foreign Direct Investment in case of a Private Limited Company is available under the automatic route.
FDI is not allowed in One Person Company
FDI in LLP Is permitted subject to prior approval from the central government
FDI is not allowed in Partnership Firm
FDI is not allowed in proprietorship Business.
+ Ownership Transfer-ability
The shareholding of a Pvt Ltd Company is easily transferable
OPC Shares can be transferred to new shareholder along with the nominee
In LLP share of a partner can be transferred with the consent of all other partners.
Not Possible, every admission or removal of partner amounts to the new firm.
Not Applicable
+ Perpetual Existence
A Company exists beyond the life of its owners /shareholder. After the death, the shares transmits to legal heirs
OPC Continues to exist even after the death of its only shareholder, as it passes to the nominee.
The LLP also have perpetual existence and exists beyond the life of the designated partner
No perpetual existence, with the death of a partner, the partnership ends.
No perpetual existence, with the death of the proprietor, it ends.
+ Tax Benefits
The company tax rate is flat at 25% on its profits
The company tax rate is 25% on its profits
LLP Income Tax Rate is 30% on its profits
Partnership firms are taxed at 30% on its profits
For a small business with low turnover, there is the benefit of individual tax slabs
+ Statutory Compliance
The company is required to file an annual return, balance sheet to ROC and ITR around the month of September
OPC is required to file an annual return, balance sheet to ROC and ITR around the month of September
LLP have to file an annual return in form 11 and financial statement in Form 8 and ITR
Only ITR is to be filed
ITR is required to be filed if the taxable income is more than 2.5 Lac
Formation Cost

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Company Registration in Salem - Introduction

Company Incorporation / Private Limited Registration in Salem is an easy process with us. We provide Company Registration Services along with Free GST Registration. Also, we give you 2 DSC , 2 DIN Numbers, MOA , AOA, Certificate of Incorporation.

Company Registration in India

It's very easy to start a company in India. India will become superpower. India has more potential in terms of manpower and investments. India attracts more foreign investors and joint ventures. In a single window concept, the approval for all registrations will be more easier than the previous process.

Company Registration Online

In the digital Era company registration online is a easy process. we can register our company very easily with our consultants in Salem. The government also brought digital registration process online.

Company Registration Number

Government gives a unique registration number which is called company registration number. Will get this number once the company is incorporated in Salem. We can find this number in the certificate of incorporation which we received from ROC.

Company Registration Process

It is a online process how we need to register our company. First we need to finalize the name and location of the company. Our consultants will proceed for the further incorporation after receiving documents from you.

Company Registration Certificate

It is a final evidence after the incorporation. We receive this from ROC/MCA . generally this certificate contains the name of the company, date of incorporation, unique number of the company, pan number, registered address of the company and the officers name along with his designation and signature.

Company Registration Fees

The government has announced zero fee for company registration for Salem City. But we have to pay for the name of approval, for stamp duty, for PAN card application and other relevant expenses like a bird purchasing a stamp paper and consultant charges.

Company Registration Form

While incorporating company, we need to submit e-forms for company registration . Recently the government has introduced spice plus form to create easy environment for company registration. With the spice plus form you can register not only company and also GST registration, PF registration, bank account opening and other relevant activities free of cost.

Company Registration Act

Under the companies act 2013 it's very easy to create companies with limited liability. This act helps the government to regulate all companies under process of companies registration easily. And it facilitates single window registration for all business registrations like company registration GST registration, other tax and employee related registrations.

Company Registration Agency

Unless you find a best consultant for your company registration it's not so easy to do that. You need to prepare forms, get attestation and pay government stamp duty and other fees. If you have a proper consultant for your company registration, you can start your company hassle-free. We will take care of all compliances.

Company Registration Agents in Salem

Company registration is an easy process if you find experienced agents for this. They incorporate company very easily with their experience in Salem. We have registered more than 1000 companies and having a handful experience and company registrations. always finding and consultant is not an easy. But if you get their previous experience, it is easy to select them.

Company Registration Consultants

Consultant means the service provider with sufficient knowledge. They are always here to support you . Company registration consultants will help you to register your company on time without any issues. they will suggest you what are the options available, what are the registrations you need and how to proceed further.

Company Registration Application

while applying company registration , you have to attach copies of your documents and other relevant details. You have to submit rental agreement and deed of constitution. the concerned registrar like ROC or registrar of firms will decide either to approve or reject your application.

Company Registration Office

The two types of offices we are here for company registration. One is our registered office where we are going to start a company in Salem. Second registrar of companies. This is the office where we are going to apply for company registration. after submitting all documents and necessary details to them, they will approve and issue certificate of incorporation.

Company Registration Auditor

Instead of searching company registration consultants, it's better to select auditors for your company registration. They have enough knowledge with the proper experience. No need to validate their knowledge again. Auditors will guide you always from your incorporation to audit, accounting, bookkeeping services, management advisory services and all other kinds of services.

Company Registration Document

The required documents for company registration in Salem City are as follows: PAN Card, Aadhar Card, rental agreement of the company, bank statement and other documents. If we submit all these documents in a company registration application form, after verification the officer will approve and issue certificate.

Company Registration Benefits

the major benefit for company registration is to give you better branding for your business. And also company is a separate legal entity. We need to have a separate the body for the business. Unless you have a separate company for your business, no one will treat your company as a separate entity. Second major benefit is to apply for a subsidy or loan. Third benefit is a branding or status.

Company Registration Check

Before proceeding for company registration, we need to check whether anyone has registered the same name or not in Salem or India. It is a basic step for every company registration. It will avoid litigations in future. We have online facility to check the existing company names and company registered already.

Nowadays checking the trademarks also is so important before registering your company.

Company Registration Cost

the two types of cost involved during the process of company registration in Salem. One is government fees and second one is a consultant fee. Even though MCA has announced zero fees for companies, they are charging for name of rural and stamp duty which is a state government levy.

Company Registration MSME

MSME micro small medium enterprises. As per the MSME act, every company must register under the MSME act. If there register, they will get benefits as well as exemptions. While going for a loan , the MSME company in Salem will get priority and lower interest loans.

Company Registration MCA

MCA ministry of corporate affairs is an authority who regulates the private limited and LLP. they have appointed ROC's to approve the incorporation, manage the company's, regulate the companies and even for winding up. MCA has a portal where we upload all documents for incorporation and other filings. MCA issues guidelines for company incorporation in Salem City and introduces spice plus form for easy incorporation.

Company Registration Expenses

While incorporating your company, we must consider all kinds of expenses relating to your company registration. There are three kinds of expenses . Name of rural and other government fees. Second purchase of stamp papers and other relevant fees which you incurr in Salem. Third is a consultant fee.

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