Company Registration in Chennai | New Company Formation Consultants in India
Company Registration in Chennai | New Company Formation Consultants in India

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Company Registration Online @ Rs.999/-

What is the process to register a company Online in Chennai, India? We provide quick and cost effective Company formation services in India to you.

Starting a company Online is easy through Filing Point. Private Limited Company is best business structure to start a business in India. It helps you to maintain limited liability, separate legal entity, buy assets in own name, Udyam Registration in India, open bank accounts, open branches anywhere, do business and enjoy government startup subsidies and certain tax benefits. All that is required are PAN card/Passport, if foreigner of the promoters, address proof and bank statement copies of the promoters along with address proof for the registered office address.

Consultants for Company Registration in India | Tamilnadu | Chennai

Company Registration Services in Chennai

Within How many days you can form a Company? Register a New COMPANY REGISTRATION IN CHENNAI can be completed within 10 - 15 days. If you have the necessary documents for Company Registration Services in Chennai, you can Call us and Discuss with our Advisor to incorporate your Company.

Limited liability is the status of being legally responsible only to a limited amount for debts of a company. Unlike proprietorships and partnerships, in a private limited company the liability of the shareholders in respect of the company's liabilities is limited. In other words, the liability of the shareholders of a company is limited only to the value of shares taken up by them.

NRIs, foreign nationals and foreign entities can register a company and invest in India, subject to the Foreign Direct Investment norms set by the RBI. However, incorporation rules in India require for one Indian national to be a part of the company on the Board of Directors.You need to have your registered place in India Only.

Do you know how many days will take to start a New Company Registration in Chennai? Generally it takes maximum of 15 workings days to incorporate a Startup Company.

Company Registration Cost

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Startup Plan

Private Limited Company Registration Suitable for a First Time Entrepreneur

₹999 ₹10000
+ Actuals
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.1 Lac
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • GST Registration
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • Startup India Registration

Premium Plan

Private Limited Company Registration along with GST Registration + Certificate Of Commencement

₹3000 14000
+ Actuals
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.5 Lacs
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • GST Registration
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • Startup India Registration

Ultimate Plan

Startup + GST Registration + Commencement Certificate with a Private Limited Registration

₹8000 ₹20000
+ Actuals
  • Proposed Capital up to Rs.10 Lacs
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval
  • GST Registration
  • Certificate of Commencement
  • Startup India Registration

Benefits of Company Incorporation Process

  • DSC Offer @ Rs.999/- Per Token
  • eMOA / eAOA / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Free 2 DINs
  • Free ePAN / TAN Registration
  • Proposed Authorised Capital Up to Rs.5 Lac
  • GST Registration Offer @ Rs.999/-
  • Unlimited ROC Filings @ Rs.12000/-
  • First Board Minutes of Meeting

Questions & Answers in Company Formation

Do I need to be present during the Company Registration process?

Yes, We need your presence onetime for signing. Also, we need to maintain long term business relationship with you.

Can I start a company with a Virtual Office address?

Registered Office is a main location to receive all communications about Company Registration. As per the Companies Act, we have to register a place without fail to maintain all statutory registers. At FilingPoint, we recommend NOT to start from a Shared Office.As per the Department's Latest Stand, it is not allowed to start a company in a shared office or Co-Working Space.

Can I register a Company at the residential address?

Yes,You can register at your residence and open your branch office anywhere in India wherever you want.

Can I become a director if working somewhere?

Yes, But it depends on your employment contracts. You should avoid Confict of Interest (Same Line of Business of your employer).

Are there any hidden fees or contract obligations in pvt ltd MCA Company Registration Cost?

NO hidden charges or fees will be charged and NO long-term commitments in addition to pvt ltd Company Registration Cost. Our Actual Charges are as follows:

Nature of Payment Amount (Rs.)
Digital Signature Certificates Rs.1998
Name Approval and Incorporation Fee Rs.1663
Courier Charge Rs.100
Attestation Rs.325
GST @ 18% Rs.616
Total (Rounded Off) Rs.4702
The Govt Fee may vary State to State and Capital,etc. You can use ROC Fee Calculator for Incorporation. Please note that this offer price is ONLY for Resident Directors and NON-Finance/Special Category Companies and Proposed Capital is Lessthan or Equals to Rs.10 Lakhs.

What are the payment modes we support?

Our payments are Your Company Registration in Chennai Cost 100% in advance - Prepaid Model. You can pay ROC Fees and Taxes Later from your account. We are using RazorPay/Instamojo/others as a payment gateway which provides 60+ Payment Options like Card, Net Banking, Debit Cards,Wallets,etc.

Documents Required for Private Limited Company Incorporation

For Indian Nationals

  • Two Colour Photographs of Promoters
  • PAN Card of Each Promoter
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)
  • Proof of Registered Office
  • Utility Bill as proof must be Latest
  • Rental Agreement
  • NOC from the owner of the premises

For Foreigners

  • Two Colour Photographs of Promoters
  • PAN Card of Each Promoter
  • Identity Proof (Voter ID / Driving License/ Passport)
  • Address Proof (Bank Statement / Electricity, Mobile, Telephone Bill)
  • Proof of Registered Office/Rental Agreement
  • Utility Bill as proof must be Latest
  • NOC from the owner of the premises
  • *We charge additional amount of Rs.7500/- per Director

Advantages of Registering a Private Limited Company

Best Company Registration in Chennai.

Easy to Start

Registering a Private Limited is very easy. Therefore, it is one of the easiest form of business entity to start with minimal formalities. Also it is easy to open a bank account or obtain a payment gateway in the name of the business (or) obtain licenses like GST Registration.

Business Name

After starting a Private Limited, no one can have the same name as their company name. It is the advantage of a Private Limited. But always do not try to infringe any registered trademark.

Multiple Directors

A Private Limited will have two or more directors. It is the best type of business entity which pools all individual talents and convert as a single aimed business results.

Lower Taxes

Our Hounrable Finance Minister has reduced the Income-Tax for corporates to 25% if Gross turnover up to 250 Cr. in the previous year. And also it can enjoy some of the tax deductions, which could potentially decrease the tax liability.

Easy to Close

After Implementing the Commpanies Act,2013, it is easy to close a private limited. If we file eForm FTE , the department is closing within 6-9 months time.

Types of Companies in India

There are more types of business structures and companies types in India. We guide you how to Select a Right Business Structure for your business online.There are many types of companies in India and if you are looking to set up a business in India then there are many options for you to choose from. If you want to run your own company, then you need to find out more about the various types of company in India and what options you have. If you are willing to start a small enterprise, then you need to find out more about the types of company in India that offer this type of venture.

The most popular one is called Private Limited Company in India. Private Limited Company can be a good idea for you to start your own business in India. This is a very useful type of company in India because it provides you with a Separate Legal Identity as well as a Limited Liability Legal Personality. There are many benefits of having a Private Limited Company and one of them is that you do not have to worry about having a lot of debts when you start your business. Another type of Company is known as LLP / Limited Liability Partnership in India and it is a good option for you to get started with your new business in India. If you have a small amount of money and a enough time to spare then you can go in for a LLP in India. The partner of a partnership will get a share of the profits . And this is one of the best choices for you to start your business in India.You can get help from auditors if you want to hire Best Audit Firms and this can be very helpful for you to understand and choose your best options.

One thing that you should note is that there are many types of options available to make choice on the Best Business Structure in India. You can choose the type that best suits your requirement and you need. To learn more about the different types of companies in India, you can talk to Our Online Incorporation Experts and he/she will be able to guide you properly.

  • Private Limited
  • One Person Company
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Partnership
  • Proprietorship
  • MSME / Udyam Company

Compare Types of Business in India
Check advantages and disadvantages of Common Business Entity Types

+ Separate legal entity
A Company is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
An OPC is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
An LLP is a separate legal entity separate from its promoters
A Partnership is a legal entity but not different from partners
The proprietor and the proprietorship business is the same thing
+ Limited Liability
Shareholders of a Company are bound to pay only up to the capital they have subscribed to the company.
In OPC, unlike a proprietorship, the shareholder cannot be asked to pay beyond his subscribed capital
The partners of an LLP can be called upon to pay only up to the amount of capital they subscribed to.
There is no protection of limited liability, even the personal properties of partners are at risk for losses of business
The proprietor is the whole sole of the business, and his liability to the debts or losses of proprietorship is unlimited.
+ Number of members
2 - 200
A Company can be opened with at least two people. However, the maximum number cannot be more than 200
In the case of OPC, Only one person can be a shareholder. He would be required to appoint a nominee.
2 - unlimited
With two partners an LLP can be incorporated, there is no limit on the maximum number of partners
2 - 20
A Partnership firm can start with a minimum of two partners, the, however, the maximum number is capped at 20
Only one person is required for proprietorship, also known as proprietor.
+ Number of Directors /DP
A company can be opened with at least two and a maximum of 15 directors. The same person can be a shareholder as well as director
At least one person must be appointed as director of the company. The shareholder and director may be the same person
2 to unlimited
The minimum two designated partner is required in an LLP & there is no limit to the maximum number.
Not Applicable
There is no separation of ownership and management in case of a partnership. All partners are equally responsible for the conduct of business.
Not Applicable
In case of a proprietorship, the proprietor is solely responsible for the conduct of business.
+ Foreign Investment (FDI)
Foreign Direct Investment in case of a Private Limited Company is available under the automatic route.
FDI is not allowed in One Person Company
FDI in LLP Is permitted subject to prior approval from the central government
FDI is not allowed in Partnership Firm
FDI is not allowed in proprietorship Business.
+ Ownership Transfer-ability
The shareholding of a Pvt Ltd Company is easily transferable
OPC Shares can be transferred to new shareholder along with the nominee
In LLP share of a partner can be transferred with the consent of all other partners.
Not Possible, every admission or removal of partner amounts to the new firm.
Not Applicable
+ Perpetual Existence
A Company exists beyond the life of its owners /shareholder. After the death, the shares transmits to legal heirs
OPC Continues to exist even after the death of its only shareholder, as it passes to the nominee.
The LLP also have perpetual existence and exists beyond the life of the designated partner
No perpetual existence, with the death of a partner, the partnership ends.
No perpetual existence, with the death of the proprietor, it ends.
+ Tax Benefits
The company tax rate is flat at 25% on its profits
The company tax rate is 25% on its profits
LLP Income Tax Rate is 30% on its profits
Partnership firms are taxed at 30% on its profits
For a small business with low turnover, there is the benefit of individual tax slabs
+ Statutory Compliance
The company is required to file an annual return, balance sheet to ROC and ITR around the month of September
OPC is required to file an annual return, balance sheet to ROC and ITR around the month of September
LLP have to file an annual return in form 11 and financial statement in Form 8 and ITR
Only ITR is to be filed
ITR is required to be filed if the taxable income is more than 2.5 Lac
Formation Cost

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Best Company Registration Services in Chennai @ Rs.999/-

Best Company Formation Cost or Fee. Finding Best Company Registration Consultants or Auditors for a Company Registration Services is the first important step in Company Formation. Most of the aspiring entrepreneurs are more concerned about renting out spots of offices and production units for their upcoming business. They are busier in sourcing funds, hiring right staff and keep things moving forward. Business owners do not realize the importance of business registration. Setting up a Business in India / online company registration in india is easier process if you give importance to select type of company in india. Now the Best Company Registration Services in Chennai is available @ Rs.999/- in FilingPoint.Com.

How to Register a Private Limited Company in India Online - Legally Registered Business

In the current competitive Online business world, you need the safety net of legally registered business like a Private Limited Company in India to have firm foot in the world. Business registration is helpful in protecting personal assets of owners. Any Entrepreneur needs to build their target audience’s trust and reliability. It is the sure way of laying a strong foundation by way of Online Company Registration in India.

Professional Online Company Registration Consultants in Chennai

It would be clever to choose Best Auditors or Professional company registration consultants in Chennai to register your entity legally. Private Limited Company Registration in Chennai or Auditors in Chennai are professionally qualified with host of experience and knowledge about varied industries about business registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Company Formation

1) How to register a startup company in chennai / Udyam Registration Online?

Top Consultants support you to register a startup company in Chennai / Udyam Registration Online for your success. FilingPoint.Com helps you to register Startup company registration online after roc chennai company search and Company Name Approval. You will get Ceritificate of Incorporation , Documents and Registration Number after setup process from the Registration Office.

If you are ready, we can complete a company registration within 5 working days. It helps you to complete Startup Registration immediately with our Company Formation Agents.

We are the best company registration consultants.You are coming to the right place where you can buy the best services at a reasonble price.

  • Quickly acquire funds- Legally registered companies can acquire funds easily for business from lenders like banks, financial institutions and private lenders.
  • Put down business roots- By registering your company, your target audiences get the impression that you are not the business of vanish-over-the-night type. When you put down business roots with a registered company, consumers honor you with their trust and reliability
  • Dependable and Trustworthy-Trust and reliability of target audience like consumers, investors, creditors and other third party is critical in the business world. When you are legally registered organization, people believe that you are serious business entity not gone-over-the night type of business. This makes your business more reliable and build up your target audience's confidence in your business.
  • Create Professional Persona- A legally registered business presents you as a professional organization who are staying in the business field for long period of time.
  • Easy Business current Accounts with banks- Many banks are eager to have business current accounts maintained at their bank branches for various registered businesses. A separate business account with banks also creates positive business image.
  • Added advantages- Further registered company can enjoy benefits like easy transfer of ownership, protection of business owners' personal assets, tax benefits etc.

In India who can start a company? Who is eligible to be a director or share holder of a company?

A resident of India can be a director or share holder of a company. He can be involved in the management of the company or employ managerial personnel too. Here the meaning of Indian resident means that the person should have stayed in India for a period 182 days in the previous year.

A salaried person can also start a company in India provided there is no conflict in his employment contract. Even minor person can be shareholders and directors of a company through their guardian. Even entities like OPCS, companies, LLPs etc can become shareholders of a company. Foreigners, or foreign businesses, NRIs and persons of Indian origin can start a company in India.

Can Foreigners, foreign business entities, NRIs Setup Company in India? Can they become shareholders and Directors in India?

Yes. Foreigners, foreign business entities, NRIs Setup Company in India and persons of Indian origin (PIO) can Setup Company in India subject to the condition that at least 1 director of the proposed company is an Indian resident. Abroad investments from Foreign citizens , foreign entities, PIOs and NRIs can be routed directly into the company without any approval. The ownership of shares depends on the Industry. They can have 100% shares in majority of the companies but for few sectors like defense, insurance etc. FDI policy in India has made FDI investments in India very easy for aspiring business entrepreneurs.

If you want to be a director of a company, then DIN is essential. All company directors should have DIN. A person can be director in more than one company or LLP. Active directors of the company need to obtain digital signature-DSC.

Company Name Check is a important option to verify before applying for name approval. Company Online Registration is a next process after Startup Company Name Registration in Chennai India. We have provided a bookmark to Search in the MCA Master Database and Trademark Registry Database Online. It helps during Startup Company Registration in India Chennai. Get Pvt Ltd Company Name Suggestions easily for a New Company Name Search. We are here to support you at all times.

Auditors are the professionals who is thorough knowledge about Indian Startup System and Taxation. It will help us to get more benefits.

There are many types for company setup. LLP, Partnership , OPC , Partnership are the difference.

  • 1. Regular Private Limited Registration
  • 2. OPC Company Registration
  • 3. Limited Libility Partnership Registration
  • 4. Partnership Registration
  • 5. Sole Proprietorship
  • 6. Public Limited Company
  • 7. Sec 8 - Non Profit Company
  • 8. Unlimited Liability Company
  • 9. NBFC Company Registration

Selecting the right type of business registration can be tough task for majority of business promoters. They may have vague knowledge about few forms of business but do not have in depth knowledge about pros and cons of all types of business structures. Under such scenario, company registration consultants in Chennai or Auditors in Chennai can be of immense help to you. Filing Point can guide you right from company registration, allied business registration, tax and business advisory, filings and compliance etc.

Any Limited Liability Companies like Public Limited Companies or Private Limited Companies must bring Paid Up Capital. It is called Limited by Shares. Your libility is limited by your total investment in shares. It is equal to companies nominal value of shares.

Under the Companies Act,2013, Even though appointment of Company Secretary is not mandatory for small companies, we have to maintain registers, minutes of meetings and other documents. Hence it is suggested to hire a professionals who provides Company Secretarial Services at a resonable cost.

Raising Capital is an Smart for all types of Companies. Your Paidup Capital Cannot Exceed your authorised capital. You can increase up to your authorised capital or you need to increase your authorised capital first. You can increase your Paidup Share Capital by way of receiving funds from existing shareholders or bringing a new shareholders. You have to pay additional stamp duty for the increased authorised capital. Main Advantage is a company will get financial strength immediately after increasing capital. Please note that increasing capital will dilute your existing share holding percentage.

Trademark Registration is a very easy task with your Business Name or Tradename / Brands. It will give you the benefits of Distictiveness, Exclusive Rights, Property Rights,avoid unfair competition. Examining Attorney or Other experienced gents will verify existing trademarks registered in India and find out how to register wordmark/trademark. Registering a comprehensive trademark will you Intellectual Property Rights to a Trademark Holder. You can take legal action against any person relating to Trademark Infringements. Some of our clients are registering trademarks for domain name also.

It is easy to write MOA Main Objects or Main Objects of MOA. We are well experienced and give you option to find MOA Main Objects of Digital Marketing Company for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Chennai.

As mentioned above, we need address proof, Identification Proof, Proposed Office Address Proof to register your company Immediately as required documents.

Two Directors are compulsory for a private limited company. One Director is enough for a One Person Company Registration.

Generally will take 15 working days. But we can complete within 10 working days, if you provide all documents immediately.

As per your plan selected , we will charge you. Do you know why we charge less initially? We want to motivate more startups and bring them to serve them better.

As informed already, we wont charge extra . Thats why we are very transparent in our pricing.

Few Tips to Online Company Registration in India / Register Your Company in India

• Start your business the right way with legally with appropriate business registration certificate.
• Handle all registration compliance by engaging professional services of company registration consultant or Auditor in Chennai.
• Select correct type of business structure like company, OPC etc. wisely that has provision for further expansion where there is growth in business
• Select attractive and catchy company name / names that does not limit your business activities
• We give you consultancies towards how to form a Private Limited Liability Company.
• Memorandum and Articles of Association are the basic documents for the Company Registration in Chennai.
• Finalise Directors, Shareholders, Minimum Share Capital and Capital Required before starting a New Company Formation Process.
• Find Consultants for Corporate Compliances and Corporate Services for Holding Company or Pte Ltd. or Foreign Companies

Filing Point is a single point solution for all your business registration and business management needs. Get in touch with us for free business consultation today!

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