3 Important Tips to Choose Company Name in India

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Entrepreneurs set up new businesses aspiring to make it big in the business world. Many people take naming a company lightly. But Company name or business name makes huge impression on its audience like investors, bankers, vendors and general public too.  It is important for a business to make good first impressions on its audience. “First-impression-is-the-best-impression”. Attractive company name can make lasting image in the minds of business audience.

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Just like naming a person is important for his / her identification, Naming a company or business is important for business identity.

Private Limited Company Name Selection Process in India

Business founders should consider a few points before deciding on the name of a company. The proposed company / LLP name should not resemble the existing company / LLP name or trademark. Be smart when you select a company name.

  • Select a unique name containing business activities.
  • Proposed Company Name first word should not be a business activity.
  • Proposed name should not defy the existing trademark
  • Adhere to MCA name approval principles and follow name availability guidelines.

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Company name with business activity

In India to start a lawful company or LLP, registration with ROC is mandatory. The company name has to contain business activity. A new company can be set up with only one category of business activity as given in MCA company naming guidelines. When you file a company name approval application it can contain only one industrial activity main division. For a detailed list of industrial activity contact our consultants. Thus you cannot set up a company with multiple business activities. You can register a company with a single business activity and the same has to reflect in your company name.

No First word as Business activity

You should not name the company starting with business activity for a company or LLP. For instance company names like Travel services, private limited will be rejected. But ABC travel services private limited is permissible.  But a coined word with company objective gets permitted. You can have prefixed the nature of business activity in your company name.

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No resemblance to Trademark

Trademark can be a business name, word, logo, design, or device. It is the identification of goods and services.  Trademarks are protected under trademark laws. Any unlawful use of a trademark gets fined with penalties and penal actions. Hence carefully choose a company name that may resemble a trademark. For Trademark, search services contact our consultants. Further, you can get consent from the trademark owner and get company name approval for your company name. This is one of the 3 Important Tips to Choose Company Name in India.

Lastly, Follow Companies Act,2013

Companies Act lays down rules for naming a company. There are 2 things that concern about company name as per company laws. Sec. 4 of the Companies Act gives you guidelines for company name selection. These guidelines are given to prevent a proposed company from choosing an existing name, prevent making an impression that a company has government patronage, and other reasons too. For more details about Companies Act rules and provisions contact our consultants.

To sum up, Naming a startup is a critical business decision. You need to mind legal provisions too in naming a company or LLP. Google search and company name search online tools may give you a fair idea. But it is advisable to engage a professional corporate consultant to set up your company or LLP in India. Our Consultants will explain how to get the company registered with 3 Important Tips to Choose Company Name in India.

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