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FilingPoint GST Consultants in Bangalore have more than decades of Experience in indirect taxation. We are proud to have 97% Success Rate in GST Registration online in Bangalore. GST registration for Tax Payers is a total online process. No manual intervention is necessary. It’s important you get GST registration to avail many tax benefits. FilingPoint Consultants can help you resolve all GST related issues. Choose us for a complete boutique of GST registration and other services . Our professionals/ accountants will ensure it is a seamless process.

Who Should you get GST Number? Who Has To Register For Goods And Services Tax?

Businesses whose turnover exceeds INR 40 lakhs has to register for GST. Any taxable person or NRI, Supply Agents & Input service distributor and Persons registered under Pre-GST law need to go for GST registration. People taxable under reverse charge mechanism and Persons selling through e-commerce aggregator also need to register under GST Act. All e-commerce aggregator has to get GST registration.  Non registered taxable Person supplying online info, giving database access or retrieval services from outside India to a person in India.

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GST Registration Process Online In Bangalore @ FilingPoint

Registration of a GST number for a new company / registered entitities in Bangalore with 99% Success Rate is not as simple and easy as you think. There are numerous formalities to be completed and administrative fees payable before you can get your GST registered. Further, the registration process also involves a verification check by the registrar and you might not be able to register it at all if the registrar finds some specific problems with your GST application

FilingPoint helps you to get GST registration done with perfect legalities and zero hassles. GST Registration Process Online in Bangalore @ FilingPoint in 3 simple and easy steps. Avail best GST registration services in Bangalore at FilingPoint.

  • Step1- Consultation and information / document collection
  • Step2- Online preparation and submission of GST application
  • Step3- Get GST registration certificate

FilingPoint is proud to support 1000+ GST registrations in India with 99% success rate. Our team includes CAs, CSs and advocates who are the right persons to get GST registration in Bangalore with perfect legalities. Wait no more. Get your GST registration certificate in Bangalore and start your own business today.

Quick reference of few Post GST registration compliances

Many of the unorganized businesses may not complete compliance on-time. Non-compliance leads hefty fines and penalties. Few of simple GST registration compliance are listed below for quick reference.

  1. Display GST number on Business name board
  2. Display a copy of GST registration certificate at business place
  3. Also exhibit your GST number at all places of your business visible to customers and business audience
  4. Inform GST numbers to your suppliers and insist to file your bill in his GSTR1. If he fails GSTR1 you cannot claim input tax credit.
  5. Prepare sales invoice format as per GST prescribed format
  6. Maintain Debit note- & – credit note, receipt & payment voucher for all including outward supplies in duplicate
  7. Maintain stock registers
  8. Do not misplace or lose any asset-purchase bill ,expense bill or any purchase bill. You will lose input credit paid towards purchases or inward supply
  9. Recognize the right HSN code / SAC and collect right out tax and deposit it with govt. before due date.
  10. Discover the proper supply place for charging CGST/SGST or IGST
  11. Generate e-way bill if your consignment value is above prescribed limit. To know more talk to us
  12. Discover if your inward supplies is liable under reverse charge mechanism
  13. File monthly /quarterly / annual return filing of GST within due dates. For due dates talk to us
  14. Educate your staff at your places like office, go-down, transport, production etcabout GST compliance and its importance.
  15. Instruct them about workplace ethics
  16. Keep track of your GSTR 2A regularly to know your purchases or inward supplies are updated on GST Site
  17. Do not delay to respond to GST notices within due dates with proper documents/reference details as required
  18. Make GST registration amendments in situations if required
  19. Keep in touch with your GST consultants regularly to know any GST law amendments and updates
  20. After financial year closure file your GSTR annual returns and GST audit done for your records if applicable
  21. Prepare e-invoice online on GST portal if turnover exceeds specified limit

Seek answers to your GST doubts. Contact FilingPoint GST experts on Mob:- +91-9844472500. Write to us on FilingPoint GST consultants enlighten you about relevant GST rules/ compliance. Get newsletters, mails, calls and texts from us. FilingPoint can support you with great efficiency. Get your GST registration and filings done online at FilingPoint. Call us for more details.

Advantages of GST Registration

  • Legally collect tax – Being a business owner your collect tax from your clients and pass the tax benefits to suppliers
  • 100% tax compliant – Your business becomes 100% tax compliant
  • Claim Input credit- You can claim input tax credit that you paid while buying goods/services and improve profits.
  • Document proof – GST certificate is one of the document proof useful for opening current account in a bank
  • Govt. Tenders- With GSTN it becomes easy to apply for various state and central govt. tenders
  • Business expansion- You have good opportunity to expand your business through varied channels like import-export, online.
  • Payment gateways- You need GST numbers to start payment and use mobile wallets

Why choose FilingPoint for GST registration online in Bangalore.

FilingPoint GST registration online services in Bangalore can help you in getting a GST Registration Online within a short span of time. They do so by offering you the best services including Monitoring Services and Representation. These services can give you an edge over the rest of the competitors in the market. These services are provided to make your business get registrations done quickly. So, if you are looking for good GST registration services then you can surely rely on these services because FilingPoint is one of the best GST consultants in the market. If you are planning to get Registered, then you have to call our Online Registration Experts.

Dedicated GST advisor -Dedicated GST advisor who are experienced in the sector gets allocated to every client. The assigned executive will handle all your filings and ensure it gets done on time with utmost accuracy.

GST reminders– Our GST team makes sure timely reminders are sent to you by emails and SMS well in advance. Also our GST advisors will remind you about deadlines and ensure you do not miss them.

Cost effective and seamless – All GST registration online in Bangalore gets done experienced tax team , GST registration at FilingPoint is cost effective and seamless.

Seek answers to your GST doubts. Contact FilingPoint GST experts on Mob:- +91-9844472500. Write to us on FilingPoint GST consultants enlighten you about relevant GST rules/ compliance. Get newsletters, mails, calls and texts from us. FilingPoint can support you with great efficiency and Get your GST registration and filings done online. Call us for more details.

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