GSTR 10 Return Filing Due Date And Penalty For Taxpayers In India

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GST and filing of GST returns is still an enigma to the taxpayers. Many of the taxpayers are confused between GSTR Annual return and GSTR Final return. Today let’s discuss about GSTR 10 form- Final return filed after GST surrender or GST cancellation.

GSTR 10 is the final return a registered taxable person must file who have surrendered their GST registration or have got GST cancellation order from the department.

GSTR-10 final return is an important return. Fill-in the details of every section of carefully. You need to verify your gstr-10 final return before submission. Ensure you submit the GSTR final return ahead of gstr-10 final return due date. Seek professional help as you cannot make correction or revised returns after gstr-10 final return gets submitted.

You may think what happens if gstr-10 is not filed. Your error doesn’t go unnoticed by the department. Our government levies penalty for non filing of gstr-10. Your need to pay gstr-10 final return late fees. Submit your GSTR annual return form on time to avoid further financial losses. It helps you build goodwill in case you want to start new business in future.

What is GSTR 10?

A GST registered taxpayer who voluntarily opts to surrender his GST registration or gets GST cancellation order from department must mandatorily file GSTR 10 final return form. Within three months you must submit your final GST returns to the government to avoid late fees / penalty. This is called final returns in general terms.

GSTR 10 is the final return a registered taxable person must file who have surrendered their GST registration or have got GST cancellation order from the department.

What is the difference between GSTR Annual return and GSTR Final return?

  • GSTR Annual return- Every registered tax payer has to file GST annual return for every financial year. You need to file GSTR annual return when your annual turnover exceeds prescribed limits. GSTR annual return must get submitted online in FORM GSTR-9 before due date.
  • GSTR  Final return- Taxpayers who have surrendered or got cancellation order of their GST number must submit their final return in FORM GSTR 10. They must submit the final return before 3 months from the date of submission or cancellation order whichever is later.

When is GSTR 10 final return filing due?

A Taxpayer who has surrendered or got cancellation order must file GSTR 10 form within three months from the date of surrender or cancellation whichever is later. For instance,if the date of GSTR 10 surrender is 15st March 2022 whereas the cancellation order is 21st March 2022, then the taxpayer must file GSTR 10 by  21st  June 2022

Who must file GSTR 10

GSTR 10 final return form must get filed by the taxpayers who got their GST surrendered or cancelled. The regular taxpayers under GST need not file this return. The following persons are not required to file GSTR 10

  • Input Service Distributors
  • Composition taxable persons
  • Non-resident taxable person
  • TDS deductor as per Sec. 51 of CGST Act
  • TCS collectors at source as per Sec 52 of CGST Act

What happens if gstr-10 is not filed

gstr-10 final return must get filed within 3 months from the date of surrender or cancellation order. Taxpayer gets levied penalty for not filing GSTR 10 on time. If GSTR 10 is not filed within due date, a notice gets sent to the taxpayer. You will be given 15 days time to file GSTR-10 with all required documents. If you still fail to file the return then the GST officer will issue final order for cancellation with tax payable, interest and penalty as applicable.

Details required for filing GSTR 10

  1. GSTIN
  2. Legal Name
  3. Business or Trade Name
  4. Address for any future correspondence
  5. Effective Date of Surrender/Cancellation
  6. Reference number of Cancellation order
  7. Date of Cancellation Order
  8. Particulars of Closing Stock
  9. Tax payable amount and tax paid
  10.  Interest, late fee payable and paid: 
  11.  Verification

Tips for filling up GSTR 10 FORM

  • Few sections or details get auto-populated when you fill GSTR 10.
  • In case of cancellation of GST number through GST order, fill in the details if applicable.
  • For closing stock furnish details of stock held at time of closure. Like Input in stock, inputs of stock for semi-finished or finished goods, capital goods or machinery in stock and inputs in stock or in stock of semi-finished or finished goods. Invoices are a must for closing stock details.
  • Once you submit al details correctly, the taxpayer can digitally sign the form with his/her DSC or get Aadhar based signature verification done.
  • When you do not have invoices for declared inputs. The inputs may be semi-finished or finished gods. Then the estimation of amount is different. It’s a compliance under CGST rule to estimate at market value. A practicing Chartered accountant must certify the same and upload along with GSTR 10
  • In case of capital goods or machinery valuation, a formula is prescribed. It is invoice value less value of one-sixtyth per month or part thereof. This calculation is based on purchase date by taking useful life as five years.

Words of Wisdom

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The taxpayer must file GSTR10 on time within the due GSTR-10 filing due date. It helps them to avoid unnecessary litigation and liabilities and avoid getting any GST notices. Seek professional help of CAs for GSTR 10 final return filing. It is simple and stress free way of getting your compliance fulfilled with perfect legal formalities.

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