How to Download Online Registration Certificate from GST Portal in India

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How to Download Registration Certificate from GST Portal Online in India? The Online Goods and Services Tax Registration System is the Central Board of Indirect Tax and Customs (CBIC) approved portal for purchases of the sales tax and numerous other items like customs & excise(GST) duties, stationery & postal fees, custom clearance certificates, and stamps. This website has all the necessary tools that will facilitate a quick and easy registration process:

GST Registration and Filing

For every business registered successfully under GST Portal, the GST Registration Certificate Form REG-06 will be issued. The certificate is proof that the business or entity is registered under GST ACT.

Online Download of a GST Registration Certificate?

With the advent of eCommerce, registration has become important to companies and individuals. Many people are using the World Wide Web to purchase products and services; therefore, it becomes imperative for businesses to have the necessary license, insurance, and registration for that specific product or service in that particular state. This is where GST (General Service Tax) portal comes into the picture and provides a simple and convenient way to submit tax payments, purchase goods, or services in India, and track the progress of payments.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Download GST Registration Certificate
Step 1: Go to
This is the main page of the GST Department portal, where you need to click on the Login menu will direct you to the next step.

GST Registration and Filing

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Step 2: Enter the correct “Username”, “Password” and “Captcha” are the mandatory credentials and click on the login button to enter into GST Portal

How to Download Registration Certificate from GST Portal Online in India - FilingPoint

Step 3: After login, the site goes to the Services option. The Services option is placed on top of the page and bottom of the “Goods and Services Tax” logo.

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Step 4: Go to User Services > View/Download Certificates
The user services link will direct you further to view the data available under this. Then click on the 2nd option of the left side “View/Download Certificates”. It’s easy to How to Download Registration Certificate from GST Portal Online in India.

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Step 5: Move on to Form No. GST REG-06 and then click on the download arrow beside it.

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Step 6: After click the on Download symbol you will get the below GST Registration Certificate in pdf format.

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GST Registration and Filing

GST Registration Certificate Format in India

The recent amendment of the GST and Customs Registration Certificate which is used in the calculation of taxes has led to a new set of abbreviations and code words that are used all over the country. This has led to a lot of confusion and has even made it more difficult for businesses and individuals to understand what they are dealing with. This is where a sales tax registration in Chennai is beneficial, as this format clearly lays out all the abbreviations and codes that are associated with the transaction, which can be extremely confusing when one is looking at the form by itself. Most importantly, a format like this will ensure that all the abbreviations, and especially the ones that are not commonly used, are made explicit in the form so that it is clear to the trader. This will ensure that all confusion is removed and that the transaction runs without any errors.

The most common error that is made in calculations is the inclusion of a zero in the rate of taxation, and as such, this must be corrected immediately, as otherwise, the calculations will not be correct. An example of this would be a product that is manufactured in Chennai, is shipped to Delhi, and the retail price is computed based on the amount of raw material purchased minus the tax applicable on it. However, in this instance, the tax that is applied is nil. In order to avoid any kind of confusion with regard to the computation of taxes, it is advisable to procure the GST Registration Certificate form from the concerned department so that the transactions are handled accordingly. In fact, there are many websites that are dedicated to helping individuals understand the workings of these forms and are free to use for reference purposes.

GST Registration and Filing

The process of obtaining a sales tax registration in India is very easy once one gets the necessary information. For instance, one can obtain all the required information by visiting the website of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs, which is commonly referred to as the CBIC. One can also obtain the relevant information through a number of online sources, such as the Department of Revenue, Reserve Bank of India, India Tax Department, and other related authorities. This format may also be used to obtain the relevant form from the respective local revenue office in the concerned state or district.

How can I download GST certificate without login

If you are looking forward to purchasing sales tax registration in Chennai, then the best option to buy it is through an online service. There are numerous online service portals, which can help you to purchase such documents at affordable price rates and also provide a secure transaction. The online service is very beneficial for individuals and organizations who have not much time to go to the city to purchase such documents as it can provide them with their desired documents within seconds. It is recommended to purchase it through online service only as there are numerous frauds available online that can damage your hard-earned money. Make sure that you do research about the company before purchasing it.

If you want to know about the service of downloading sales tax registration in Chennai from GST, then you should first understand the benefits of online services. These services not only help to save your precious time but also provide convenience at the same time. There are various online services that provide a free download of such documents as they have tied up with different state governments to deliver these services. Apart from downloading such documents, these services also provide much other information regarding Sales Tax Registration in Chennai.

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GST Registration and Filing

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