Online Company Registration in India

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How to Register a Company in India

Company Registration Procedure in India is mandatory for all businesses that wish to operate within Indian territory. For any business in India, registration of the company is mandatory first as well as for its compliances. Besides, if the business is conducted over the internet, online company registration in India is also very important to ensure that all of your legal requirements are met. Registration of a company is not an easy procedure though and can be time-consuming but it can give you a sense of security as well as help you run your business more smoothly. But We are here to take care of your tension relating to the Registration of a Company.

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How to Start a Company Online From Home

If you are thinking of establishing an offshore business, you should consider India as one of the first countries for such an endeavor. There are many factors that will influence your decision – India offers you a unique set of circumstances that are favorable for any business activity you may want to embark on. The country’s business environment is fast-growing, and the country has quickly become a favorite among expatriates, foreign direct investment (FDI), and multinational companies. With all these incentives, it is not surprising that more individuals, businessmen, and organizations are choosing India as their destination for setting up a new company.

Whether you wish to establish a basic online company or an advanced multi-national company, India offers an excellent choice. With its huge market and a well-developed business environment, India is a preferred destination for FDI, and the country’s favorable business scenario is an important factor for those who wish to register a company. Starting a company in India can be a daunting task, but with the help of various online companies, conducting a company registration process is now made much simpler than before.

The third step in the company registration process is to get hold of Our Company Formation Guide. The Company Formation Guide helps you complete the basic steps of the registration process. It provides information on the legal formalities, company name availability, company registration process, and company seals. The Guide also guides you on how to go about preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) along with submission of the application to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It also covers the submission of audited financial statements to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company.

Online Company Registration – Stay Informed About the Necessary Requirements

It is the method of incorporation of a new business/company. And it’s done either for a new start-up, a small or medium-sized business, or even for an offshore company. Companies generally require registration of their name and office as well as of their products and services. The main advantage of registration online through Indian companies is that it is very quick and easy.

Benefits of Register a Company

There are many indirect benefits that one gets by registration online through India. The first and foremost benefit is that you save time and money which you would have otherwise used in securing traditional methods of company incorporation in India such as through registered office, etc. In addition, online registration saves time and money that would have been spent on traveling to different locations to conduct the formalities. You will also save time and money as you will not have to go to your office physically, fetch your documents and take copies of all of them before submitting them to the concerned authority. As long as you are aware of all the formalities required, it is not difficult to get the registration certificate within a few hour’s time.

Company Name Approval @ Rs.1500

Another advantage of online company registration in India is that you will be able to save a lot of money which would have been required for travel expenses and documentation. It is true that all the expenses related to company incorporation are costly but if you do not incorporate a proper company name, use the wrong spelling and do not fill in the right details the cost incurred will be much higher. It is better to adopt a standard format of the document as opposed to a personalized format and avoid using abbreviations in the names and places of business. This way, you will be able to save the unnecessary expenses which are usually unnecessary.

Types of Company Registration

There are various types of company incorporation available in the country and you can choose any of them according to your convenience. However, if you wish to get registered in a particular state, you must ensure that the state you select is registered with the Department of Business and that it is free from corruption. Most of the states in India are highly populated and corruption is a major reason why there are several cases of fake registration consultants. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the registration with the Department of Business of the Respective State is done in a genuine format and that all the documents are submitted in the right manner.

Advantages of Online Company Registration in Tamilnadu

Company Registration

One of the major advantages of online company registration in India is that you can avail yourself of the best quality services at a reasonable rate. You can get good quality services at affordable rates from experienced chartered accountants who will be appointed to conduct the entire process from the onset. Most of the online service providers charge fees for different services and it is, therefore, up to the companies to decide how much they want to pay for each individual service. If you decide to pay for an expensive service then it is advisable that you do not go for the company which does not have the requisite experience or has a dubious background.

India is emerging as a hub for outsourcing business and is witnessing exponential growth in the number of companies that operate on a global platform. This is mainly because the government of the country has been providing support to the country through various grants and scholarships that have been made available. Online company registration in India has made it easy for people to establish a private limited company in the country and reap benefits from this business structure. All those people living in the area of the corporate world must understand that outsourcing their businesses will give them maximum profits at the minimum possible cost and with maximum convenience. You should make all the efforts to locate the right business partner who can conduct the entire process efficiently and effectively for you.

Company Name Approval @ Rs.1500

Online Company Registration – Why Do You Need to File Your Company Registration Form Online?

Indian online company registration in itself is relatively easy but what about the procedure of how to start a company in India? For a start-up, there are minimum formalities that need to be fulfilled before you can receive your statutory certificate as an authorized company holder. The first and foremost requirement of all start-up registration is to select the most appropriate business model and to register a company name with India. The selection of the right business model will directly affect various factors such as your corporate liability towards the organization, how you do business, to which state you should register your company etc. Therefore it is important to discuss all these matters thoroughly with experts in the field who have the necessary experience and skills to guide you properly.

As soon as you are clear about what company type you wish to register and what kind of statutory registration you wish to apply for, you need to find a suitable and registered firm that can assist you in completing the formalities for the registration of your company. A good number of companies providing incorporation services for foreigners in India are available nowadays. All of them provide complete company registration services along with the assistance of legal experts and financial consultants who can help you set up your new business. However, it is very important to select the best India company incorporation service so that you end up with an authentic India-registered company.

There are various changes that came into effect in the Companies Act of India last year, and these amendments affected the entire system of business registration in India greatly. First of all, it introduced a new approach in the process of company registration. Basically, the introduction of these amendments enables people from abroad to incorporate a company in India without even setting foot in the country. This is done by submitting their Articles of Organization through electronic signatures. Thus, now all documents which are to be filed for the purpose of registration of the company need not be mailed or couriered to the Registrar of Companies.

Furthermore, when you decide to register your company in India, you no longer have to fulfill the same tedious procedure of registration. Now you can get help online from the incorporation service providers who can guide you on how to register a company in India without any hassle. These services are provided free of cost by the several offshore companies which have mushroomed in the last few years due to the liberalization policies of the government of India. All you need to do is pay a nominal fee which will secure you good company registration in India, without having to spend extra money on the whole process.

Online Company Registration – A Time Saving Option for Small Businesses

In order to start an online company in India, the first step is to make sure that your business is covered by laws such as the Prevention of Contamination Act, Supplies and Chemicals Act, and other relevant Indian laws. You can find out more about these laws and their applicability through online resources, which include Legal Counsels. These professionals are trained and equipped to provide the best advice to help you start your online company in India. This helps you to avoid any legal hassles later. In fact, once your business registration in India is complete, you can benefit from a host of other legal benefits.

The success of your business also depends hugely on the company structure, so online company registration in India procedure can be followed very carefully. It is highly recommended that you contact an Auditor in India before you open up your company. Choosing the right Auditor can mean the difference between starting your company smoothly and facing major hurdles later. You can find out more about suitable Chartered Accountants in India through references and reviews posted by clients.

Another crucial step for the effective functioning of your company is to have a good Tax Advisor or Tax Consultants. This should be someone who is well versed with the provisions of the Companies Act, whether it is the new rules introduced in India or the existing clauses, which need to be obeyed in the old Companies Act. An established Tax Consultants will be familiar with the latest changes taking place in the law and he/she will therefore be better able to guide you on how to start a company in India under the existing rules and regulations. In addition to having a Consultant, you will also require a liaison office as well.

What is a liaise? A liaison office(FilingPoint.Com) is an office, which is specifically meant for dealing with clients, who are interested in doing business with an organization. The main purpose of a liaison is to represent the company on legal issues and coordinate with other departments responsible for registration and related matters. Since the formation of India, it has become mandatory for all businesses to register themselves. This is done by submitting their Articles of Association to the MCA. If your business is looking for registration in India then there are certain documents that you must submit with the concerned authorities.

Company Name Approval @ Rs.1500

These documents include: Memorandum of Association, AOA and you can find other documents required for a Company Registration Process in India on our page. You need to check these documents properly before submitting them for obtaining the registration of an online company. Moreover, you should be aware of certain things before starting an online business in India.

One of the foremost reasons to start an online company registration in India is that most of Companies require the services of a chartered accountant. For this purpose, the Company needs to appoint a chartered accountant whom they approach through a professional consultant or a Business Registration Consultants. Also, since many companies have to deal with international clients, the Company needs to go for a certified Person as its Chartered Accountant.

Before starting an online company it is mandatory to make sure that the company is not a scam. It is very important to find out if the company is legally registered. The company registration process may be a tedious task but at least one can save himself from various hassles like multiple tax returns, tax filing, and getting a registered office. Also, by making use of an efficient registration firm one can have all these services and also the right name for his company.

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