ROC Annual Filing Online in India

Introduction to ROC Annual Filing Online

In India, every financial year, Companies, LLPs & OPCs registered with ROC. (Registrar of companies) need to submit financial statements. And they need to submit a report on company management online on the MCA portal. This process in technical terms is the ROC Annual Filing Online in India. Organizations registered with ROC need to submit annual accounts /. returns as per the rules of Company laws. Annual accounts need to get submitted online on the MCA portal within 30 days of AGM. Annual returns need to get submitted online within 60 days of AGM.

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

Hence there are no exemptions to organizations for not filing ROC annual returns. There can be zero sales or no business transactions. Irrespective of the case ROC annual filings online is a must.

There is a common misconception about ROC filings with entrepreneurs. Many perceive ROC filings and IT filing are the same. But ROC filings and IT filings are separate. And each one is mandatory as per government rules. ROC annual returns get filed on MCA online. IT returns filing comes under the governance of IT department laws. Hence an enterprise needs to file both ROC returns and IT returns.

Benefits of ROC Filing Services

Enterprises reap heaps of benefits of filing ROC Annual Forms Online with adhering to ROC compliance. When you follow the regulations laid by companies act. Your organization comes under goods books of law. The preparation of account books for the tax year is the basic step of ROC annual return filing. Compilations of accounts aids in asserting the financial position of the company. Business owners can assess whether they are gaining profits or suffering losses. Thatswhy, ROC annual compliance though being mandatory is beneficial in more than one way.

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Registrar of Companies holds ROC filing records of a company. A company that does filings on a regular basis. And a company that adheres to compliance proves the existence of the company. Elsewhen no ROC filings get adhered to, the company gets deemed as fake and gets struck off from the ROC register. ROC annual filings help to prove the company’s existence.

Filing of ROC annual return on time &. the following compliance is the right way of managing our company. ROC annual filing at the right time helps to prevent heavy penalties. They help you prevent future legal complications for the company. ROC Annual Filing Online in India improves the business credibility of the company. It improves your business image. They can attract clients, investors, and builds a great public image. The better the image, the more profits you can reap.

Is ROC Annual Filing Online mandatory?

Yes. It is compulsory and mandatory to file ROC annual returns online in India. There are no excuses &. exemptions in non-filing or delayed filings of annual returns of the company. But subject to government notifications. Organizations registered with ROC, for example- private companies/ OPCs. / LLPs need to file annual accounts &. annual returns within prescribed time limits. They need to conduct Annual General Meeting and appoint auditors too. A copy of audited financials and the annual return is available on the MCA portal. It is of huge benefit to company audiences like investors, creditors &. suppliers to analyze the company prospects.

Private Limited Company Consultants in Chennai, India

Get your Annual return filings done with the best ROC consultants in India. ROC annual filing is a professional task. It is important you engage the best ROC consultant in Chennai for your company. Your ROC consultant should be practicing professionals like Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. FilingPoint ROC team is a group of practicing CAs, CSs & ROC experts. They have decades of experience in handling ROC compliance & ROC annual return filing. Our clientele includes many companies across various kinds of industries. We provide excellent ROC annual return filing services at a reasonable cost.

The Government of India is regulating various laws to stop false practices. It is mandatory for companies to follow applicable rules to prevent penalty &. penal actions. Our ROC consultants can support you in ROC filing, company registration &. ROC annual return filing &. other corporate compliance. Our ROC experts provide compliance services for private limited companies, LLPs, OPCs, etc.

Process of Annual Filing Services Online

Get your ROC annual returns done online through the best ROC consultants in Chennai. Mail your data to us. Rest easy. Our ROC professionals will handle all the formalities. It is a smart way of saving time, energy, and money for your business.

  1. Convene board meetings and appoint us as your company auditors.
  2. Keep ready your books of accounts along with statements, bills, and other supporting.
  3. Prepare reconciliation statements and get balance confirmation from debtors and creditors.
  4. Our professional consultants will access your financial records and prepare financial statements.
  5. The financials prepared gets presented to the client for review.
  6. Once finalized, the financials get presented before the company board. Upon approval, the documents and annexure for ROC annual return get prepared &. submitted online. We ensure your ROC returns get filed on time with the utmost accuracy. We use top-notch technology & professional expertise to file your ROC annual returns. Our clientele includes top companies from different business sectors. We give equal importance &. preference to all our clients irrespective of size, turnover, or status.

ROC Annual Filing Online Fees / Cost

We provide all kinds of Registration, Filings, and Advisory Services. Each work will vary based on the work involved. FilingPoint.Com charges based on Fixed Hourly Rate Ranging from INR 1000/- to INR 12000/- per Hour. Generally, we charge Fixed Fee Based on Work ROC Annual Filing Online in India Ranging from Rs.7000/- to Rs.30000/- per Work. Furthermore, we are hereby to support you at all times at a Reasonable Cost

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-


ROC compliance is the filings of ROC forms by companies and LLPs. ROC Mandatory Compliance is important and a company cannot escape from it. Failing to follow ROC rules attracts legal actions and penalties. It is compliance to maintain books of accounts and statutory registers. These are essential to prepare annual returns.

All LLPs and companies in India come under ROC governance. They need to file respective returns, forms &. documents in electronic mode within due dates. A company or LLP may not file annual returns. Then the company and respective authorized persons are punishable with fines and penalties. Be wise to appoint top-rated ROC consultants in Chennai for your company. No need to worry about ROC compliance anymore. We are here to support you at all times.

ROC Annual Filing @ Rs.7000/-

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