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ROC Filing plays an important role after registration of a company. In fact, it’s a never -ending relationship between the ROC and a company.

Filing of ROC annual returns and audited financial statements and income tax returns is mandatory for every financial year for all companies registered with ROC. In few scenarios you might want to change company registered office or might wish to change company objectives or company name. In every such event you must intimate ROC, after completion of formalities, through online filing of respective ROC forms.

In short, every important company changes or event must get intimated to ROC. Moreover you have e-KYC compliance of ROC forms and mandatory ROC filing compliance too.

What is ROC filing and ROC Compliance?

In general, ROC filing means the online submission of the company’s audited financial statements and annual returns to the Registrar of Companies via MCA website. As per section 130 and 137 of The Companies Act 2013 every company must mandatorily file their audited financial statement with the ROC for every financial year.

But ROC filing and compliance involves tons of other legal formalities too. It is advisable to seek professional support of Chartered Accountants or Company Secretaries for a perfect ROC compliance business entity.

What happens when you neglect ROC Filing?

Every company registered in India must get ROC Annual filing and other ROC compliance done for each financial year. It is a mandatory rule under the law. Do not take it lightly. Neglecting ROC compliance results in huge penalties. Avail the best ROC Annual filing package at reasonable cost @ Filingpoint. Be ready to be a ROC compliant company.

All companies in India must get their ROC annual returns and income tax returns done for each financial year. We help corporate to file their company ROC annual returns and income tax returns. Our professional fees are economical. We deliver on-time professional services to all industries.

Penalty for Non-compliance

If you fail to follow ROC compliance, govt. will charge penalty/late fees to your company. The details of few penalties and restrictions, levied by MCA, are as per companies act related to non compliance of annual ROC tasks. There is separate late fee structure for every day of delay in filing ROC forms. The late fee can go up to Rupees five lakhs or higher. The company name can even be struck off from the ROC register as the case may be. The above figure is not exclusive. It is just given to give you an idea. As per companies Act there is a separate penalty structure for each non-compliance. Your Auditor / CS can guide you about the same. 

Benefits / Advantages of Company ROC filing Compliance

You get to enjoy tons of benefits by duly filing your ROC returns

  • Following ROC compliance protects your company from penalty from MCA or other govt. departments.
  • By being a ROC acquiescence company, you can attract investors. If you are a non acquiescence company, then investors may not approach you to invest money in your company.
  • You create a good impression and image with your customers and clients by fulfilling all prescribed rules and norms of govt.
  • By being a law and compliance abiding company, you build trust of govt. authorities. 
  • Annual compliance helps your company in better operations. It brings down the pressure of unnecessary late fees and penalties.

How can we support in ROC filing?

We are a team of practicing Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and advocates. Our clients get dedicated managers to assist your company once they come aboard. Our professional’s will take care of all requirements of your company all through the year. Leave us all your worries of ROC and other compliance. Focus on your core business and attain your goal.

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