What are the Different Types of Copyright in India

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Copyright encourages creativity of original work. Our law gives copyrights to intellectual property creator. This one of the forms of intellectual property namely copyright  can be in the form of literature, drama, music and art work. It can also be cinema and sound recordings. When one creates such original work, copyright comes into existence.

Some common rights of intellectual property/ copy right owners are

  • Right to reproduce of their work
  • Right to communicate their work to people
  • Right to alter and translate their work
  • others

What are the different types of copyrights in India?

Copyrights Act of India protects the rights of various copywriter owners. This gives an inspirational atmosphere and creativity to the creators. The different kinds of copyrights available in India are

  • Literary works

Literature of original or unique creation can get copyright registration in India. The Literature work can be scripts, biography, novels, thesis, programs, and technical books. You can get copyright of your work irrespective of quality, style, literary merit.

  • Dramatic Works

It’s a literary work type that includes preparation for play. It get could be performance, dumb show entertainment, choreography, fixed writing work, drama and so on. Cinematographic films do not come under this type

  • Musical works

You can get copyrights for musical works. Lyrics and  / sound do not get included in musical works. To protect musical work make a separate copyright application at the office. The sound recordings depends on musical work. You not have written copy to get protection. The copyright for songs in India under musical work gives you various benefits.

  • Artistic works

Protection of artistic works include original photography, diagrams, paintings, buildings, molds, diagrams, etchings, plans, graphics, cast for sculptures and drawings and so on.

  • Cinematograph Films

Cinematographic films mean every single recorded work with visuals and moving images. It’s a work of visual and sound recordings preparing using any process. It could be analog or digital. It contains video films. It can be any visual recording medium and any visual records’ keeping methods.

  • Sound Recording

Sound recording involves various sorts under different storage medium forms. Sound recording can be a singer’s voice – with/ without musis – on a recorded audio or podcast. Sound recording major part is music. Hence you need the Music inventors’ permission to get copyright protection of sound recording.

With copyrights you get an inspiring atmosphere and improve your creativeness .A person who is an original author or rightful owner or assignee can register for copyrights. Registration of copyright is not mandatory. In the event of disputes, copyright certificate serves as evidence in court. It is always advisable to apply for copyright registration. Copyrights protection do not get extended for generations. The timeline for copyright protection extends upto creators’ lifespan or until sixty years following creator’s death.

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