Is One Person Company structure suitable for small business in India?

Sole proprietorship and One Person Company may give you the impression of similar business structure. But their functioning is different. They are many variations between OPC and proprietorship in terms of working and law. The best OPC registration consultant can help you understand this concept better. FilingPoint consultants are happy to help you with queries of OPC registration in Chennai.

With the introduction of the Companies Act, 2013, single owners got excellent opportunity to enter into corporate world as One Person Company. OPCs can compete with big corporate easily being a ROC registered and structured organization. Single business owners can now be company owner with OPC registration in Chennai. Register your OPC with, Best OPC Registration Consultant in Chennai. Get quick OPC incorporation online at ROC with just one single member and one director. A Nominee is essential for OPC registration.

Who is eligible for OPC?

  • OPC member and nominee must be natural persons
  • OPC owner and nominee must be Indian residents and citizens of India who have been in India for atleast 182 days in preceding calendar year
  • OPC owner and nominee must be a major above the age of 18 years and persons of sound mind
  • Legal entities like private companies, LLPs cannot become OPC member

* How OPC suitable for Small Business

  • OPC is a great choice for small business owners who want to enter the corporate world.
  • The OPC owner will have complete control over the business.
  • OPC has the advantage of limited liability.
  • The OPC Company is a separate legal person from its member. In case of business loss, the personal asset of owner/member is safe.
  • It is a structured and ROC registered business organization.
  • Thus OPC Company has high business credibility, trust and respect in the market. Banks and lenders will prefer to lend funds to OPC than a sole proprietor.

OPS is best suitable for a single owner who can fund business on his own and wants to have company control over the business with limited liability. OPC Company has perpetual succession. Unlike proprietorship OPC continues to exist even after death/incapability of member. The nominee takes over the business reins.

One person company has scope for business growth and expansion up to the prescribed limits as per the Companies Act, 2013. Register with for simple and easy OPC conversion to private/public limited company.

* How to choose the unique name for the OPC company?

Choosing an unique company for OPC is simple and easy. FilingPoint can help you in your company name search. Ensure your choice of name does not resemble the name of existing company. The company name must end with ‘OPC Private Limited’. You can also get trademark registration for your company once you get ROC name approval. Choose a name with a vision of long term growth

One Person company name can form the company brand. The name can suggest business activity.  It must be easy to spell, short and simple, unique and have a meaning. Follow the company name guidelines as per the Companies Act that restricts use of certain words and symbols. FilingPoint can help you in choosing the perfect OPC company name.

Register with, the best OPC registration consultant in Chennai who have registered more than 10,000 + companies in India. Register with and avail special offers like free consultation, company name search support and other benefits. Our Best OPC Registration Consultants ensure you get quick OPC company registration with perfect legalities.

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