How To Create OPC Business Plan Quickly in India

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Are you starting a business as one person company ( OPC ) ? If yes! Are you ready with your business plans yet? A word of truth with you. 80% of startups or new companies fail due to lack of planning for their business.

One Person company was launched by our government to boost entrepreneurship and businesses in India. OPC is a booster to entrepreneurial ideas for upcoming business owners who have higher potential to incorporate their business as One Person Company ( OPC ) in India. Before you step into Startup journey, get ready for the ways to reach our destination successfully. So what are the business plan for OPC company registration in Chennai. Drafting of business plans presents you a clear picture. . Hence it’s important to do a thorough analysis.

What is an OPC Business Plan?

A Business plan at FilingPoint.Com is an important document which gives all the possible information regarding the things that is going to happen in your future OPC company. It contains all the required information to make business decisions.

Why do you need to make a Business plan for OPC registration?

A well written business plan will attract investors. It gives you a better understanding of details of business. It helps to communicate well with your partners, employees about your business. It talks about your achievement and future targets. If you are serious about your business then drafting a business plan is a must.

Steps to prepare a Business Plan

The process of preparing a business plan involves the following steps:

Analysis of your business

This is done for the purpose of understanding the customer product relationship, location of business and assessing business competition. It helps you to understand the factors that may affect its possibility to succeed or fail.

Deriving Personal Objectives

Personal objectives are the basis to set your OPC company business objectives. Here we are discussing about personal needs and aims. Like the need for money, recognition or status in society etc. This exercise will help you understand and identify the personal needs you are trying to satisfy.

Deriving Business Objectives

Business objectives are aims or goals of a OPC business. It talks about the target achievement of the business in future. For example: A OPC Company business objective may be   “ We must double out sales by next 6 months.”

It gives a better understanding of where you stand, how to improve and what changes to be adapted to achieve your objectives. Not having business objectives leads to an un-coordination of  business processes leading to business failure.

Making right business decisions

Right business decisions lead you to the success of your business. As an entrepreneur, to lift your business off the ground, you need to make decisions like:

  • Legal decisions – like deciding upon the business structure
  • Personnel decisions –  like number of employees required ,types of professional required, employee training, their compensation and motivation etc.
  • Production decisions – like production quantity,raw material supply, equipment sourcing etc., operation process and so on.
  • Purchasing and inventory decisions – Maintaining a huge inventory can be very costly. On the other hand having a small inventory leads frequent purchase. This also turns out very costly. If purchasing is not made responsibly and the inventory is managed improperly, the business could face major losses.
  • Marketing decisions –  like selection of target markets, product description, pricing, Promotion & Advertising etc.

Estimate your capital requirement

 By now with the objectives and goals you will have fair idea about how much money you need for your OPC company. Plan for funds to open and operate your business. Usually banks will be interested to invest as the OPC company develops.

Review and control

Drafting business plan is a periodical and continuous process. During start up stage you need to review your plans again and again to attract investors. Once off the ground your objects and goals change from time to time. Hence you need to have review and control.

OPC company registration plans @ FilingPoint

Filingpoint has its own starter plan for OPC company registration in Chennai. OPC Registration suitable for Startups and First Time Business owners. We offer best prices in the market.

  • It Includes Proposed Capital up to Rs.1 Lac
  • 2 Directors
  • 2 DIN Numbers
  • MOA / AOA / COI / PAN / TAN Included
  • 2 Digital Signatures
  • Separate Name Approval from MCA

We also have premium plan and Ultimate plan for OPC registration @Filingpoint. For more details about various OPC registration plans and customization, talk to our executives today.

Benefits of OPC Company Incorporation Process

  • Free Digital Signatures
  • eMOA / eAOA / Certificate of Incorporation
  • Free 2 DINs
  • Free ePAN / TAN Registration
  • Proposed Authorised Capital Up to Rs.5 Lac
  • GST Registration Offer @ Rs.999/-
  • Unlimited ROC Filings @ Rs.12000/-
  • First Board Minutes of Meeting
  • Support In Trademark Registration
  • Free Access to Top 9 Startup Documents
  • Free Startup OPC Consultation for Name Approval
  • Fee will vary based on State, Capital and others

We hope you have a fair idea about preparing your own business plan for your venture. We wish you every success. Before you step into OPC Company startup journey, get ready for the ways to reach our destination successfully. So what are the business plan for OPC company registration in Chennai. Drafting of business plans presents you a clear picture. You can visualize your problems you may encounter before hand after you start your OPC. Hence it’s important to do a thorough analysis.

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